Sweet Vocabulary

What We Are Learning & How To Help Your Child

Introduction to Vocabulary

The more your student reads, the more words they encounter. These words then become familiar words and they are able to use them when appropriate. I'm working hard with your student in the classroom to help them expand their vocabularies. We'll be breaking down how to figure out meanings of words through word parts, affixes, roots and in context of a sentence or paragraph. We'll be talking about important words during our lessons and units across all different subjects. I will also be monitoring your student's growth in vocabulary - oral and written.

What You Can Do To Help

How To Help Your Student Learn New Vocabulary

These are strategies we are learning at school that you and your student can use at home. Have your child explain them to you!

- Vocabulary notebooks where the student keeps an alphabetical list of new words (for added help: have students write the meaning in their own words)

- Drawing a picture associated with the new word to help them remember the word easier

- Look for words in TV commercials or on the radio that may be unfamiliar to your student and talk about it

- Use vacations or fun events with your students to talk about new things around them

- If your student doesn't understand a meaning of a word, help them look through a thesaurus to look at similar words

Things I Am Doing To Help Your Student Be Successful

I am listening thoroughly to your student share in class either in whole group, small groups, or individually with me. This helps me to know how I can be helping your student individually be successful. I am making sure your students are reading vocabulary-rich texts that will help them see unfamiliar words. Students will be reading a variety of texts such as newspapers, textbooks, poetry, short stories, etc. Together, we can help make learning successful for your student.

As always, please don't hesitate to email me at insertemailhere@usd259.net with any questions or concerns. I'd love to help in any way that I can.