Best Tech Projects Of 2015

Deandric Potts

Audio Book/Voice Thread

This was one of my favorite projects! What we had to do was create a children's book and take screenshots of it so we could record It on voicethread.I learned that I could creat my own book and publish it myself. The thing that made me do the prokect best was put some of my favorite people in the book. I also took my time on the book, the book was about a mom worried about her childred because they didn't tell an adult to come with them. The mom was so worried that they got tooken away. She had another baby and thats when she finally got her kids back . They were with there uncle

In this project we made our own blog page and we were suppose tell our teacher about our future life. I learned that you could make you own webpage because I always wondered how do you make a website. I did my best cause It was about me

Final Exams

Monday, June 8th, 2pm

Tech Class

This was also one of my favortie assignments. In this project we were suppose to put 5 of our best projects. I did my best on this project because i got to pick my favorite projects, and it was really fun