Archeologist verified facts

One of the seven wonders of the world

The wonder is called hanging gardens of Babylon.

It is located in Babylon.

It was built about 600 BC.
The gardens are royal .

It was destroyed in a earthquake 2nd century.

The size was probably 80 ft.

It was made of bricks of mud.

It is the only wonder which remains can not be identified.

4 inventions

The wheel is one of the most important things it created transportation where we could go faster instead of walking now because of the wheel we have bikes,cars,wagons,trailers and many other things. Hammurabi's codes with out that we would not have laws that if somebody got hurt because of a another the person that hurt that person would have to pay the bill. Cuneiform is important to because with out that we pretty much would not have people to learn that language and if nobody knew we would have never discovered what the people who invited cuneiform did to help us. Gilgamesh is also very important because that was like a fairy tail and if we did not have any of that people would have not learn to think out of the box and stead of just plain out math and reading. These are what I think are very important to the world.


Cuneiform is a type of language that the sumerians invented so they could write and speak it. It was their first language they invented.
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Types of class

Their are 4 types of classes the priests, upper class,lower class and slaves. But really their should be five because of the king and gods.


A ziggurats is a temple in the middle of a city. The purpose of a ziggurat is that a god would live their and people would get near their and worship the god for good luck and that no disasters would happen to their village or city state.