The Tree Cricket

What is A Cicada?

Cicada's are locust like insects that are in the order Hemiptera, And the suborder Auchenorrhyncha. Cicada's are in the super family named cicadoidea Which makes them related to other insects such as Grasshoppers, Locusts, leaf hoppers, aphids, and spittle-bugs. Cicada's have Extremely large red eyes that help it see danger. Wings of the cicada are usually yellowish-clear, but most of the time the wings are transparent. Cicadas are also widely known for there extremely annoying sound that can damage someones ears if to close.
Summer cicada sound and video
Cicada Swarm Begins in Tennessee 2011

Who Studies Cicada?

a scientist who studies insects is called a entomologist. Entomology is a branch of zoology That Focuses on the origins and development of insects. Studies such as molecular genetics, behavior, and ecology are associated with entomology. Entomologist are widely used to help out with pest control and other problems involving 6-legged creatures.

Reproduction & Structure

The tree cricket lives most of its years underground as a nymph. Before it develops its wings and other parts, The nymph has extremely strong front legs that help it dig through soil. cicada nymphs eat xylem from the roots of plants nearby, this can cause a lot of plants to die. before there in the ground however, the mother cicada, after mating, lays its eggs in a slit of wood inside a tree, after a couple days they hatch and fall to the surface. While it is common folklore that adults do not eat, in reality they do have their own sucking mouth parts, and also drink plant sap. The cicada will take about 17 years for it to develop before digging up and flying to there mating grounds.
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