JCE Monday Notes

January 11, 2016

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January 12 - NO Kindergarten Tech PL - will reschedule

Wednesday, January 13 - Faculty Meeting

Thursday, January 14 - 1st Grade Tech PL

Thursday, January 14 - NO LAPTOPS AVAILABLE! County will be conducting an update. The Chrome Books will be available.

Friday, January 15 - 2nd Grade Tech PL

Monday, January 18 - NLK No School

Tuesday, January 19 - 3rd Grade Tech PL

Teachers, the Forsyth County Tech Fair will be held January 30th at Whitlow Elementary School. We are in need of judges for this event. Judging is fun and easy! You do not need ANY prior knowledge; we give you everything you need! Bring a friend and come judge with us! You will be amazed at the projects these students produce! As an added bonus, you will get a light breakfast, a yummy lunch and a free t-shirt! If you have any questions, please reach out to Tech Fair director, Karen Daughtery Forward this email to others!

Below is information from the Tech Fair web page about Judging the event.

Sign Up To Be A Judge HERE

From Admin

Thank you for all your hard work to ensure a smooth first week back for our students! The next few months will fly by and we know amazing growth will be taking place all across our building.

The admin team will start our next round of walkthroughs in the coming days (Walkthrough 3 and 4). We will be in your rooms for one in person visit and one will be an itslearning walkthrough (order of these two visits may vary by person). We will looking for your use of itslearning as an instructional tool for teaching and learning as well as its use for communication. We will be looking at the weekly planner, Dashboard, Activities, Resources, Parent Corner etc..... Some itslearning reminders will be coming soon to ensure everyone is continuing to use this amazing resource for instruction and communication, as county/school expectations were laid out earlier this fall.

Have a great week!

Curriculum & Instruction

Writing: Don’t forget about Narrative Writing! For the past two years we have really been focused on answering a question, citing evidence and summaries, but don’t forget to teach narrative writing. Below are two sites to help in narrative instruction.

Read Write Think


Scholastic Writing Prompts


Guided Math and Games that work with Number Talks: Greg Tang Math Worksheets, Center activities and Puzzles (all grade levels K-12):


Counselor's Corner


Second and Third grades are coming for Internet Safety with Mrs. Flynn (room #1213) through today, January 11th! Fourth and Fifth grade will begin Personal Safety tomorrow, January 12th.

Career Lessons:

Please don’t forget that you need to be keeping track of the career lessons. Every student who is on our role at the end of the year must have received all lessons. Any new students (or students absent on the day of the career lesson) must receive ‘make-up’ lessons for the ones they were not here for, so please video your lessons to make this easier. The blank forms for recording these lessons can be found in the counseling folder on the share drive. These forms will need to be completed and turned in to me at the end of the school year.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything!

Have a wonderful week,




All Support Staff

  • If support teachers would have pulled students for any service on the day of the inclement weather, they will notify parents to let them know their child would have been served that day and if they are creating the work for the student or if the student will complete the homeroom teacher’s work. (see below for clarification on this).


  • Students served through Resource:

    • If the teacher is the only one delivering the content, they will create the assignment on the block day for that content area.

    • If the student is double-dipped and the resource class is teaching the same content that is going on in the regular class, they can just modify work instead of creating an assignment. The student can do the assignment created by the homeroom teacher if no modification is needed to be made by the SpEd teacher.

    • If they are double-dipped but the content is different than the content the student receives in their regular class, the SpEd teacher will create an assignment and students will do both the homeroom teacher’s work and the SpEd teacher’s work.

  • For co-taught segments, SpEd teachers are just modifying the classroom teacher’s work as needed. The co-teacher will do the modifications, not the caseload manager.


  • Speech teachers will create lessons for students were supposed to be served in speech on the day of the inclement weather.

  • They may provide optional work/resources for students who did not have speech that day.


  • If the school uses gifted classes to teach the actual content areas, gifted teachers will produce the work for those content areas on the block day that applies.

  • If the school does a full-day pullout model, gifted teachers will create the assignment for their students to do in lieu of the classroom teacher’s work.

  • If gifted teachers are used in co-teaching situations, they will modify the classroom teacher’s work as needed.

I hope this helps clear things up a bit. As always, please let me know if you have any questions/concerns. I appreciate all that you do to help prepare for our school closure days.

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