evaluating indicators

Papa New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a developing country in the SouthwestPacific. The capital is Port Moresby. Tourist facilities outside major towns are limited, and crime is a serious concern throughout Papua New Guinea.

Population 5,670,544 (2006 estimate)
Capital City Port Moresby (387,000)
Languages English, Motu, native dialects
Official Currency Kina
Religions Catholic, Lutheran, others
Land Area 452,860 sq km (174,849 sq miles)
Highest Point Mt. Wilheim. (4,509 m)

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Australia is a highly developed, stable democracy with a federal-state system. Tourist facilities are widely available. Australia is very large and have access to many facilites other countrys dont. It is the worlds sixth largest country by total total area. Neighbouring countries include indonesia East timor and Papa New Guinea to the north.
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Indicating the difference between a develped and develping nation

There is a lot of difference between Australia and Papa New Guinea and the main difference is that Papa New Guinea is still a devolping nation, some of the main indicators are:

-Australia has improved water source

-higher rate of internet use

- more land area

- bigger population

- Australia also has higher life expectancy

This shows some of the differences between a developing country and a developed country.

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