The Loggerhead Turtle

Module Twelve Assignment Three

The Caretta Caretta

The scientific name for the Loggerhead turtle is Caretta caretta.

Where it is found in NC

The Loggerhead Turtle is found in the Coastal Region of NC. Some places where it is located are Pamlico Sound, as well as the North Carolinian counties along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The counties are: Pamlico, Brunswick, Carteret, Hyde, New Hanover, Dare, Currituck, Onslow, and Beauford.

Here are some Pictures

The Loggerhead Turtles are beautiful, magnificent creatures!

Why this turtle is facing Extinction...

The Loggerhead Turtle like other turtles face threats, some of the threats that are faced by turtles are listed below:

- Bycatch

- Pollution

- The trade of their skins and shells

- The changing of their climates

- Habitat loss

Loggerhead Turtles face the same types of threats as other turtles, and have the same difficulties of finding safe feeding grounds and places to lay their eggs. The main reason that Loggerhead Turtles are dying is because of fishing incidents, or bycatch. This is where fisheries accidently catch turtles and other marine life in their nets along with the fish.

What is being done to protect the Turtles

Some ways that the WWF, or World Wildlife Fund, are trying to prevent the Loggerhead Turtle from becoming extinct are:

- By taking action, and raising awareness about the changing of the climate

- By observing the actions and behaviors of the turtles in their habitats

- By trying to prevent/reduce the bycatch incidents

- By protecting the places where Loggerhead's lay their eggs

- By increasing the awareness and use of smart fishing

- By trying to protect turtles from trade

These are some steps that are being used, and this may be the only chances that this species may have.

By: AJ Esteves