Celluar Breeze

The Amazing World Of Cells

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The ribosome makes protein from DNA protections. In the ribosome you can go out to eat at the delicious restaurants on the boat, at these restaurants you can eat all day breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can also have desserts any time of the day too! There are many different types of desserts that you will want to just eat all day and have multiples of it.


The nucleus tells cells what to do through DNA communicates with cytosol. In the nucleus you can go to the water park. The water park has many different waterslides, pools, hot tubs, water obstacles, and many more.


The cytoplasm holds organelles and place for chemical reactions. In the cytoplasm you can go to all the shows. At the shows you can watch dances, plays, and many more. You can also learn the dances. You will never want to leave the cytoplasm with all the fun stuff you can do.


The mitochondria carries out cellular respiration which provides energy. In the mitochondria you can go onto the islands and do really fun excursions all day long. Excursions are really fun, you can swim with the dolphins or go on an ocean course and many more fun things. You can also just lay back on the lounge chair on the beach.

Cell membrane

The membrane controls what goes in and out of cell. In the cell membrane you can go to all the gift shops and candy stores. There are 5 huge candy stores with every candy you can think of. There are also many gift shops with many gifts and fun toys!