Mid-West RBERN Resources*

This page is Mid-West RBERN's current compilation of resources. Continue to check back for updates.

Social Emotional Resources:

  • Mindfulness and Conflict Resolution During a Time of Crisis – Webinar Series

    Session 1 – Accepting What Is

    English | Chinese | Spanish

    Session 2 – Controlling the Uncontrollable – Establishing Routine

    English | Chinese | Spanish

    Session 3 – Conflict Management and De-Escalation Techniques for Oneself & Others in the Household

    English | Chinese | Spanish

    Session 4 – Acknowledging, Accepting and Allowing Feelings

    English | Chinese | Spanish

    Session 5 – Mindfulness Techniques and Stress Relief Strategies that works for you and your family

    English | Chinese | Spanish

    Session 6 – Reaching out for Help – Now is not the time to do this on your own

    English | Chinese | Spanish

About Mid-West RBERN

The goal of Mid-West Regional Bilingual Resource Network (RBERN) is to assist districts and schools in creating an educational environment for English Language Learners (ELLs) which engages everyone in meaningful teaching and learning.

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