The World with GM Crops

By: Amogh Singhal

GM foods have many benefits

Many people believe that GM crops are very beneficial for us, since many believe that these crops are outrunning traditional crops, with longer shelf lifes, more nutritional values, and it fights against malnutrition, which is definitely needed for poor countries. Also, through GM crops, many farmer will benefit, because most of these crops are pest-resistnat, and pests cause harsh financial setbacks for many farmers. Improving harvests is something major that GM crops would be able to accomplish, and farmers would reap great benefits from it. Finally, since the crops are pest-resistant, most farmers would have to use as many pesticides, and the plants grow better with biotechnology, and animals grow fatter, and are less likely to be health risks, making GMOs beneficial for the environment and us.
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GMOs are the Future

Since plants and animals constantly evolve, with biotechnology, all scientists are doing are evolving the plants in a beneficial way for our benefit, and its all completely natural. Most of the scientists do this for the sake of the people, and most of them just want to increase food production so that no person will go hungry in the future. These crops and animals are the most highly tested animals and plants that can be available to a person at this time, and they are very healthy. Most of these plants and animals also provide jobs for people to do, and it would increase the economy and development of a country to prepare it for the future. Much of the imagined future of the world would only be possible through GMOs, and these plants and animals make up a huge part of our life today.