University of Kentucky

By: Inna Hwang


Nickname: Wildcats

Mascot: a Wildcat who wears jersey #1

Significance- Became their nickname after 6-2 football road victory over Illinois October 9, 1909. Commander Philip W. Cornbusier said they "fought like Wildcats"

Logos from Athletic Department

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Items with School Logo

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5 Unique Facts!

  • Anthony Davis played UK basketball became first pick overall in 2012 NBA draft
  • School has won 8 NCAA tournaments
  • Academic programs boast 80 national rankings for quality education
  • One of few universities in country with a teaching and research and a medical center all in one central location
  • Morris, Azibuke, and Hayes were 04-05 Wildcats who put their name in the NBA draft but were not picked.

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Image of the University

They want to match their academic status with their logos and colors by presenting a consistent image that reflects their quality, professionalism and mission. Their mascot represents strength and power, just like a real life wildcat.