RES Staff Update

October 16-20, 2017

Staff Dress for This Week

Astros shirts with jeans are fine on game days this week (Monday and Tuesday--possibly Wednesday)

Monday-Professional Dress

Tuesday-Team shirt with jeans

Wednesday-Professional Dress

Thursday-Boosterthon Shirt with jeans (appropriate athletic wear with Boosterthon shirt if participating in the run)

Friday-Spirit Shirt (new staff shirt or PTO shirt) with jeans

Google Classroom

Remember to check Google Classroom when you need information. Schedules, minutes of meetings, and other great information is in the RES Staff Hub. Videos have been shared there as well. The Ning will be canceled next week and is no longer being used.

CIP Planning Day (Tuesday)

This month, in lieu of a staff meeting, all teachers and administrators are meeting on Tuesday, October 17, to plan our Campus Improvement goals. The meeting will last from 4:15 to 6:15, and a light dinner will be served. Two hours is probably not long enough, so please know that we will need to start on time, and it is expected that it will take the full two hours. I appreciate your participation and believe that you will benefit from this new planning process. Looking forward to a great time of collaboration!

If you are attending, please register for course #14506.

CFISD Compliance Course

The district compliance course was added to everyone's course list and has a completion date of October 20 (Friday). If this date has gotten away from you, please make arrangements to complete it before the due date. If you need assistance locating this course, please see any experienced CFISD staff. It is located in the CFPGS under "My Learning".

Author Visits and Schedule

Monday-Susan Stevens Crummel

On Monday, October 16, our K-2 students will have the opportunity to hear Susan Stevens Crummel present. Please remind your students of appropriate audience behavior, and please position yourself to sit near your students to assist with monitoring throughout the entire presentation. Thank you!

Kindergarten @ 9:00-9:45

1st grade @ 10:00-11:00

2nd grade @ 1:35-2:35

Wednesday-Phil Bildner

On Wednesday, October 18, our 3rd-5th grade students will have the opportunity to hear Phil Bildner. Please remind your students of appropriate audience behavior, and please position yourself to sit near your students to assist with monitoring throughout the entire presentation. Thank you!

4th grade @ 10:00 -11:00

3rd grade @ 11:30-12:30

5th grade @1:40-2:40

Boosterthon Fun Run

Thursday, October 19 will be a fun day as our fundraiser concludes with the fun run! If you are participating, you may wear appropriate athletic wear during the run. After the run, you may change back to jeans. Here are the times for the runs:

9:00 Kindergarten & 1st

10:00 2nd & 3rd

11:30 PK & PPCD (am)

1:30 PK & PPCD (pm)

2:30 4th & 5th COLOR RUN

The school-wide prizes are:

Top Boy & Top Girl (Most in pledges) will each have a day to be "Principal of the Day"

Top class in each grade: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd & 3rd: Ice cream sundae party; 4th & 5th: Kickball game against admin (teachers welcome to join us)

If we reach school goal of $25,000: Lip sync contest including admin and teachers (2 to 3 performances and kids will get to vote on winner)

This is one of our primary fundraisers (Rocket Fest is the other), so please help to encourage your students to participate. Every bit helps. We should be able to meet this goal, especially with having more students this year. We did keep this number conservative given the hardship of Harvey. Remind students that this is a great fundraiser because it is super easy for family and friends to support them with online pledging.

Thanks for all that you have done to make this a success already! Keep tweeting those classroom rewards!!

Personal Leave Requests

Please be sure to complete a personal leave request (attached below) prior to taking personal leave. If you are wanting a particular sub, you are responsible for contacting the person and then indicating on the form that they have accepted the job. Sally will then be able to put that sub in for you. Please do not suggest someone for Sally to contact. This takes too much time for her to do this for each person. If you do not secure your own sub, Sally will put in your job and it will be open for anyone to pick up.


October 16: 3rd grade (all day)

October 17: 2nd grade (all day)

October 18: Kindergarten (Half in am; Half in pm)

October 26: 4th grade (all day)

October 30: 5th grade (all day)

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October Twitter Challenge

The Week 3 challenge is here! Remember to tag your post with #kdislowchat. To qualify for this month's drawing, you will need to have completed at least 3 of the 4 challenges. The prize is a cute t-shirt (almost ready) that you will get to wear the rest of this year on Wednesdays with JEANS. Remember that your post must address the challenge. The week 2 response should be posted by Sunday, and this challenge begins Monday, October 16. Have fun! Look for an upcoming video from Courtney in our Google classroom.
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Upcoming PTO Events

Our Boosterthon Kick-off will be at 8:00 am on October 10 in the library. All staff will receive a t-shirt. Teachers will need to attend the meeting in order to learn more about the fun run theme and details of this year's run.

Pep rallies will take place in the cafeteria that same afternoon at the following times:

PK, K and 1st @ 2:15

2nd and 3rd @ 2:45

4th and 5th @ 3:15

The actual fun run times have been set for Thursday, October 19:

K &1st @ 9:00 am

2nd & 3rd @ 10:00 am

PPCD & PK (am) @ 11:00 am

PPCD & PK (pm) @ 1:30 pm

4th & 5th Color Run @ 2:30 pm

4th and 5th have a goal in order to have the color run. It is purposely scheduled for later in the day due to the messiness of the students after the run.

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Upcoming School Events

October 23-27 is Red Ribbon Week. Details were in the Rocket Register and are above--Feel free to share with parents in news blast.

October 24 is WATCH D.O.G.S. Pizza Night: Paras and teachers that are interested in working this fun event (6:15 to 8:15), please sign up with Sally.

Spring Creek Spirit Night is Wednesday, October 25. A sign up will be sent soon. With a limited number of spots, we will designate how many teachers can sign up from each grade level. It does not mean that only those teachers may attend, but it is not possible for an entire grade level to serve rolls. Priority will be given to those that have not signed up before. Servers work a 30-minute shift and are given an apron and free dinner. They will also be given a gift certificate when the staff returns to distribute prizes to the students. Please consider friendly competitions among your classes. This fundraiser goes directly to the school.

October 31 is trick-or-treating for the staff. The A-team will be preparing some tasty treats that you'll "collect" as you travel through our offices that day.

Sick Leave Bank

An email was forwarded to everyone about this. The deadline for enrolling is October 31.


The master calendar is attached below for your convenience.