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December 2022

Campus Information

Happy Holidays Gator Families!!

We hope you are all enjoying this special time of year with your family, friends, and loved ones! It's hard to believe that an entire semester has already passed us by, as we know the spring will come and go equally as fast. Your partnership and level of support for your children is greatly appreciated from our staff. We look forward to having an incredible second semester! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!!

We have some very important people to highlight below, as we celebrated them for all of their hard work throughout the fall semester. Both "Teachers of the Month" and "Staff of the Month" were recognized for October, November, and December. In addition, we had three special ladies that we recognized as our "Staff of the Semester" winners: Tara Garner (Elementary Instructional Coach), Amanda Rachuig (Secondary Instructional Coach), and Jen David (Senior Administrative Associate).

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Front Office News

STUDENT PARKING TAGS: If you have a student driver, please make sure he/she has a parking tag or else they will not be allowed to park on campus. If your child needs to get a tag for his/her vehicle, please have him/her go to the front office this week, as we need all student driver cars identified in our parking lots. In the future, all unidentified vehicles (those without a parking tag) will run the risk of being towed; this is to ensure that all vehicles parked in our parking lots belong to either staff or students at GCPS.

Placement of Parking Tags: Please put the student parking tags on the front windshield in the lower window of the passenger side.

Important Announcement

We love and welcome you to eat lunch with your child if/when you desire. With the weather getting colder, please be sure to plan accordingly prior to attending lunch with your child, as we ask all guests to eat on the back patio with their child. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Elementary News

I can not believe we are almost done with the 2022 year! It has been an amazing journey. Thank you families for your continued support and trust in our school and teachers. Thank you teachers for all that you do.

Below are some pictures of what has been happening on campus. Kindergarten had to put their detective skills to use by reading clues, investigating, and problem solving on their gingerbread hunt. Second grade students are hard at work coding words and understanding phonemes and their distinct unit of sounds. 4th grade has been conducting science experiments and testing their hypotheses. 3rd grade is working on inquiry while they dig deep into problem solving. Blessings to you and yours.

Middle School News

It has been an incredibly fun semester and I am amazed at how fast it has gone by. The students have been doing an amazing job in the classrooms! Thank you families for your support and all of the encouragement that you are providing. The teachers have been incorporating a variety of interactive lessons and it is showing in student engagement. We had a fun adverb song in ELA, stations in math, and so much more. I hope students utilize their holiday break to relax and enjoy some time away from school. We will be ready for them upon their return with more fun and interactive lessons. Have a wonderful break!

High School News

Many thanks to all of our Gator families who have supported us this semester! It seems like yesterday that I started my journey at GCPS and joined the Gator family. It’s been such a joy getting to know our students, staff and be a part of the many traditions that make GCPS such a special place to learn. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of our families and look forward to the opportunity to meet everyone!

We’ve continued to grow and facilitate hands-on learning in all subject areas and work together to implement cross-curricular strategies in order to guide our students to success. As we go into the winter break, I encourage students to take a brain break, organize binders/backpacks and come back refreshed and ready to go. The second semester seems to move faster than the first semester. We are looking forward to starting a great new year and Spring semester when we return in January!

College & Career News

ACT : On-Campus Fall Registration (11th and 12th grade) due January 10, 2023

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