By: Colin

Places you can see

You can see some caves and pretty cool mountains. You will also see how the people live and how they perform their tasks and all the social classes.

Social class

The coolest social would be the Emperor because they are the one that are ruling and they can get anything they wand. They also have the protection from all the warriors they can do whatever they want.


Most of the people that live in Cuzco are usually farmers but their are also other jobs like building, herding, and fighting. The most important jobs are the farmer,the people who run and deliver the messages. The people who make the people pay there taxes.
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The most important god

The most important god in the Inca life is Inti. That god is the most important god because it is the god of the sun. They believe without worshiping the god the sun would never come out. They get the sun to out by throwing corn on the fire.
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