-= Lucas Ochoa =-

- Violin -

I have been playing the violin for about 1 year. I know the major notes of the violin and how to play them properly, but excluding the sharp notes on the G string. I am teaching myself vibrato and how to do it on every string but right now I can only do it with my middle finger and a bit of my index finger. My bow hold isn't exactly the way I was taught but it is still comfortable for me. I know some songs, but I am not required to learn them.
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Tech Savvy

I am very smart about computer science and the way that the computers work. If someone needs help or something I would have to know the situation that they're in to help them with it, and they could remember how it was that I helped them so if someone else is having the same issue as they once had.
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I am very educated in science. During my elementary school years I always had a 98+ in science. I can tutor those who need help in science if they don't understand something.
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