Help Settle Texas

Good Land for Farming

Join the Harvest and Move to Texas

  • Get good land for 12.5 cents per acre. (available acres - Men 640; Wives 320; Children 160; Slaves 80)
  • This land is good for growing: corn (maze), wheat, citrus fruits, cotton, sugar canes, potatoes, squashes, and more!
  • Thirsty? Don't worry there are three main rivers full of fresh, running water!
  • The Gulf of Mexico is nearby for convenient WORLD WIDE trading!
  • Temperate climates for YEAR 'ROUND farming, hunting, and fishing!

Requirements to Move:

Providing a Safe and Productive Environment for You and Your Family!

  • No Drunks
  • No Gamblers
  • No Bad Language
  • Must be Willing to Become Catholic
  • Must be Loyal to Mexico

Empresario Stephen F. Austin!

For more information contact your local newspaper.