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Media Newsletter August 21-25, 2023

5th Week of School

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JA/SA Celebration was all the way LIVE with Super Readers!

This year our Summer Reading Celebration was upgraded to a New Level. Our goal is to encourage students to continue to read throughout the summer. Students enjoyed an obstacle course, water slide, Gaming truck, Fresh treats italian ice and DJ Kinney.

Special thanks to our Administrators:Principal Gunner, Dr. Harris, Mr. Myers, Dr. Allen andMr. Avery.

Kudos to our Awesom JA and SA staff members and SA volunteers that supported this event to make this a GREAT time for our deserving students.

E. Myers, T. Gay, Dr. Pinder, S.Hudson, A. Brewer, J. Terry, J.Lowe, S. Jackson, J. Wyche, L. Schaffer, T.Edwards, L. Glass, J. Kinney, K.Ray, B. Peters, L. McClung,Mr. Don, Mr. Terrance, Mr. Lonnie and so many more!

BEANSTACK is now open let's log our reading minutes....

School wide Reading Programs

Drew Eagle Book Club Meeting August 30, 2023

Save the Date: September 6, 2023

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Author Visit with Roshani Chokshi

Local favorite superstar author Roshani Chokshi, author of the best-selling Aru Shah series, presents a standalone quest adventure based on Filipino mythology.

Corazon yearns to finally start training as a babaylan (a mystical healer and spirit guide) under her powerful guardian, Tina. When her magic awakens, Corazon plans to bring her parents back to life. Tina sends Corazon on a quest to fashion a key that will restore balance between the human and spirit realms. But Corazon must move quickly, before a vengeful ghost gets through the Spirit Mirror and all hope is lost.

Roshani Chokshi pays tribute to her Filipino heritage in this book that has all the magic, sparkle, and heart that made her Aru Shah series a fantasy classic.

Save the Date: Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl practice: August 29, 2023

Middle School HRRB Titles

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High school HRRB Titles

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