Teaching With Technology

In Your 4th Grade Classroom

Fourth grade is a time where the students really begin to grow.

Using tools within the classroom allows the students, parents and teacher to work together as a team!

  • Socrative is a tool that every teacher needs! This tool allows the teacher to give quizzes, take quick polls, and store the data from each student all from a portal within the computers. This is very helpful for teachers because not only is it a fun way for students to learn the material, it also helps the teacher see which students are struggling and which students are grasping the concepts!
  • Storybird is a tool that allows students to create their own stories with illustrations. This tool is great in the classroom because students can learn to work collaboratively to make books or they can work on their own! This is a great tool to incorporate into your English lesson plans!
  • Schoopy.com is a great tool for educators because they can post homework and project details on the website, where students and parents alike can find it!

With all three of these tools, the students of fourth grade are sure to have a well-rounded experience!​