Apollo Moon Landing


The Moon Landing- The Basics

On July 24th. 1968, over half a billion people watched on their TV's as Neil Armstrong , Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins landed on the moon. This couldn't have been done without the "Apollo 11" rocket. They became the first men to land on the moon and the U.S beat the soviet union in the space race Just as President John F. Kenned wanted.

The Controversy

After the landing, many people claimed that the moon landing was a hoax. They believed that the pictures, that were supposedly taken on the moon, were faked. They even went as far as pointing out things in the pictures that they thought wasn't possible in space. They also claimed that the moon landing was filmed on a fake set with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as actors and shown to the U.S on July 24th.

Media Portrayal_ The Huffington Post

The Huffington post RECENTLY wrote an article and they used historical criticism to examine this event. They believed that more than 10 people in the past had gone to the moon and that the pictures they brought back were closely related to the ones the people from the Apollo 11 mission had taken. They said that this proved that the pictures from the Apollo moon landing mission were not fake. In this article, they were biased by omission. They failed to mention the rock with the C on it and an explanation as to why it is there and the voice notes uploaded from the mission on the NASA webpage. They were also biased by story selection. The stories they selected only supported their claim, they didn't bring any point from the opposing side.


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Media Portrayal_Listverse

This article states that about 20% of Americans do not believe that the moon landings were real. This is because they believe that the U.S wanted to win the space race with Russia. These 20% used cultural perspective to view it. They believe that that the United State Government is hard to trust, citing the Watergate scandal and the fact that no one as landed on the moon to since President Nixon. They also believe that the U.S faked The Apollo Moon Landing to be in "good standing during the Cold War". The article used bias by placement. The way they arranged it, starting from the least important fact to the most important fact, shows the bias by placement. There was also bias by omission, they failed to mention the live footage of the rocket's take off and how that could have been faked. They were definitely against the Apollo mission even stating that Stanley Kubrick (a famous director that directed Space Odyssey, a film about space filmed a year before the Apollo moon landing).


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Media Portrayal_Time Magazine

Many believe that the government needed a reason to take money from us. And that the creation of NASA was a way the government could take the money. They believe that the moon landings were faked to show that the money taken from us were put to good use, especially when we won the space race. They were biased by omission. They left out important information about the Apollo Moon Landing mission and the evidence the NASA brought back to prove that they were on the moon. . They were also biased by labelling. They bluntly called Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin actors. They labelled them.


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