Toxic Enviornment Workshop

How it Affects our Hormones

Your urgent action is required for safety

There are toxic chemicals lurking everywhere in the environment that we are not aware of. This class will bring you to an awareness of where they are and what they do to the inside and outside of our bodies. You will go away with simple everyday steps you can do to eliminate these toxins from causing stress and disease. If we don’ take action by 2030 every American can expect to contract Cancer.

This Workshop will be on February 9th, 16, or 23 a Saturday at 3:00-5:00

The workshop is in Sonora Cal. and for those who live in other areas it will take place on Skype!!

We will have special speaker talking about Electro-pollution has been labeled the deadliest toxin on this planet! You can't see it, feel it, smell it or taste it but it is affecting you 24/7.

Guaranteed to be relaxing, informative and fun!!!

This Workshop will be on February 9th, 16, or 23 Saturday at 3:00-5:00

This is a warm and friendly environment and you will feel great comfort with our teachers and learn much.