Milton Elementary School Related Arts Team

Fall 2017

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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Related Arts newsletter and the 2017-2018 school year. Here, you will find specific information about each of the Related Arts classes.

Library Lines

Ms. Fuscellaro

I am delighted to be returning to Milton Elementary as your Librarian! I love this school and am very excited about making the library a happy place for your child to learn and enjoy! Reading is one of the most important skills your child will learn in school. Like all skills, improvement comes with practice, and the MES Library provides a wide variety of books for students to borrow for reading practice, information, and enjoyment. I am committed to making the library your child’s favorite place in the school! Classes visit the library weekly to select books. You can help by reading to or with your student and asking questions about the story. Library books may be kept for one week or renewed if the student is not finished. We hope your student will read and enjoy many books and grow in reading skills while attending our school.

Music Notes

Mr. Teesdale

Hello. My name is Mr. Teesdale. I am the music teacher and chorus director at Milton Elementary School. I am excited to be working with your children this year in our new music room! Our music room is the “original” music room located behind the stage. We celebrate the hard work your children will put into music class this year and the skills the fourth and fifth-grade students will develop through participation in our chorus.

The students will be discovering music in seven units this year: Expression, Form, Rhythm, Melody, Timbre, Texture, and Harmony.

We have completed our unit on Expression where the students learned about dynamics, tempo, and articulation. The second unit on Form has also been completed as the students have discovered how songs and musical compositions are put together. We have sung and played songs in Echo, or Call/Response style, AB form, ABA form, and AABA form. The fifth-grade students also created their composition as a Theme and Variation on xylophones and metallophones. We are currently working on our Rhythm unit where the students will experiment with a steady beat, time signatures, and various combinations of notes in duple and triple meter.

The chorus students are hard at work preparing for the Winter Concert. The Milton Elementary Chorus consists of students who have volunteered from the 4th and 5th grades to be a part of the group. The Milton Elementary Singers is a smaller group made up of students who have auditioned. We have been practicing winter and holiday music in various styles. Our concert will be on Thursday, December 21st at 7:00PM in the MES auditorium. We are also looking forward to taking the chorus out in the community. Two field trips are planned for December. The Chorus will perform for the folks at Cadbury at Lewes Continuing Care Retirement Community on Tuesday, December 19th at 10:00AM. Following this concert, we will have lunch at Grotto’s Grand Slam. Our Singers will present a concert at Brandywine Assisted Living in Rehoboth Beach on Wednesday, December 13th at 10:00AM.

We have had a wonderful start to the school year. I look forward to continuing our musical journey as we explore the new units in music class and dive into the chorus selections for our Spring Concerts.

The 2017-2018 school year has gotten off to a great start here at MES! My name is Ms. Eichner, and I am Physical Education teacher. I am extremely excited for the new school year.

This year, we will be doing some exciting things in the gym! The Kindergarten, first, second, and third-grade students will be learning about spatial awareness through a unit on chasing, fleeing, and dodging during the first half of the year. We will be playing games such as “4 corner scramble” and “take 3 and freeze.”

Grades 4 and 5 will be completing the FitenssGram where students will be testing their flexibility, performing push-ups, curl-ups, and will be running the Pacer Test. Students are doing a great job trying their best this fall and will try to increase their performance this spring when they complete the FitnessGram again.

As the year progresses, we will be doing units on team sports, and striking with long handed implements. Please remember to dress your child appropriately for Physical Education-especially SNEAKERS.

Another school year is well on its way! My returning Tech Stars and the newest Tech Stars have been busy creating and learning.

Kindergarten is already comfortable in the lab and making great strides in their mousing skills and learning how to navigate online. They know how to use the back button and how to scroll. I hope you had a chance to see your child’s jack-0-lanterns. They were so excited to print for the first time.

First grade started the year celebrating creativity and “making their mark” with millions of others around the globe on DOT Day. You can view a sample of some their beautiful dots in the lab’s Showcase.

Second grade, along with third, fourth & fifth grades are exploring what it means to be a good Digital Citizen. This is a topic that we will revisit throughout the year!

Second grade has become acquainted with Clicky and his friends of Third grade competed in the FBI’s Internet Safety Challenge at and again ranked high amongst third graders across the nation. Fourth grade is working hard to earn their Digital Passport with Common Sense Media. Fifth grade has learned to "Be Internet Awesome".

This is just a small peek of the happenings in the lab. As always, to be in the know just visit There you will find links to the Showcase, the online edition of the ArtsZine, Parent's Info page, my blog and much more!

In observance of Fire Prevention Week, students in grades kindergarten through third have spent the first two weeks of October discussing and creating Fire Safety posters which were sent to our local Milton fire department for judging. Winners will be announced to the classroom teachers.

Kindergarten students have begun the year with an introduction to the Elements of Art completing projects using both Color and Shape. We’ve used a variety of media including crayon, marker, watercolor and tempera paint.

Students in 1st grade are studying the Element of Shape in a variety of ways: first, they used Ed Emberly’s ‘Drawing Alphabet’ of shapes to create a drawing inspired by one of Henri Rousseau’s jungle paintings, “Jungle Splash.” They have also just completed a watercolor painting of a pumpkin patch.

Second-grade students are also learning about Shape. They’ve learned about symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes as we made beautiful butterflies. They are currently working on a piece inspired by Spanish artist, Joan Miro.

The first project of the year created by our 3rd-grade students was a project inspired by the first artists… cavemen. Inspired by handprints made by these early artists students made multiple, crayon-colored hand tracings of their own and then painted over them

with a watercolor wash.

After completing designs for art notebooks that will be used throughout the year, fourth-grade students studied the element of Value and created a seasonal picture applying some newly acquired techniques.

Fifth-grade students also worked on designing their art notebooks that will be used throughout the year. We have started to explore the ‘purpose’ of creating art and are working on initiating discussions to understand the artist’s purpose.