Getting Ready to Sell

Group Vocab Project

by Kenneth Hogan, Jeff Stillwagon, Anthony Kovach, Madeline Wendel, Holly Bentley, Sarina Anderson, Alyssa Garland

Product Knowledge

Salespeople must know their products by using their experiences with the product, published materials, web sites, and formal training. This is required in order to satisfy the customers' needs and wants.


A salesperson makes a comment or asks questions about a product in which a customer shows interest. They tell the customer information about the product's features and benefits.

Customer Benefits/Product Features

Customer Benefit- The real or perceived value that a customer experiences or believes he is recieving through interaction with a company. Benefits can be the resolution to a problem, achievement of a desired outcome, or a fulfillment of a need through a purchase.

Product Features- A function of an item which is capable of gratifying a particular consumer need and is hence seen as a benefit of owning an item.

Selling Point - Advantages and Customer Buying Motives

A selling point is created by noting the function of a product feature and explaining how it benefits a customer.

To have advantages you need to know who your specific competetors are, as well as know their product so you can make yours better.

Buying motives are reasons a customer buys a product. As you gain expieience in sales, you will get a better feel for customers moitves.

Prospecting Techniques

Prospecting is a key activity for most sales driven small businesses. Most people think prospecting is a time consuming activity, but this is a myth. It only takes a matter of minutes for a customer to know what they can afford.