Montgomery Bus Boycott

Lasting 381 days

Why are you having a boycott and what is the intended effect?

We are having the bus boycott because of how all the African Americans are treated. The African Americans and some white people are refusing to ride the city buses here in Montgomery, Alabama. The intended effect to end the racial segregation.

leaders at the time:

Martin Luther King Jr.

This boycott caused King to come out and become a leader of the civil rights movement. He did this with his commitment to the nonviolent resistance. With King being a leader, it brought a lot of attention to the civil rights struggles and this brought over 100 reporters to see Montgomery while the boycott was going on.

Rosa Parks

An African American women who did not give up her seat on a Montgomery bus to a white person. This caused her to get fined and arrested. On the day of her hearing the boycott started. She has had trouble with the same bus driver before. His name was Blake and he did not treat her like a human at all. Parks was a secretary for the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). The WPC (The Women's Political Council) started to make flyers calling for a boycott.

Montgomery, 1955-1956

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Other options instead of riding the bus:


-Riding a bike

-Possibly any cars, if they owned any

present tense perspective

What is going on right now, it is a bit scary. People are getting beat up and just getting hurt even more. We are all standing our ground. The police are even more strict, even to the white people who are standing with the African Americans.