A step from Heaven

Author - An na

Scene Summary

When Ju parks is on her flight she said that "we were going so high up in the sky that it looked like we were on our way to heaven, but that heaven must be in America". It was so difficult for young Ju's family to live in America. They couldn't get jobs, there were low on money, and they didn't know good english. One day Ju's father got out of control and started beating her. Ju's mother forgave him for all the times he beatted her. Ju one day couldnt take it and called the police. Ju's father got taken away. Ju's mother ,and her brother ,and she started to live their live and tried to get used to America.


When a four-year old girl named Ju Parks hears the word Mi Gook, which means America in english. She knew that she was probably going to move to America. She moved to southern California. She saw that the change from Korea to california. She faces a lot of challenges. Until one day she surprisingly finds a new voice with perfect english.