Drug Use

Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs.

Despite only one in 10 tests targeting drugs, the number of drivers with provisional licenses busted behind the wheel while drugged on cannabis, speed, or ecstasy has shot up 65 per cent in the past three financial years.

Experts blame the trend on rising drug use, teenage recklessness and a belief among young people that they are less likely to be caught driving high than drunk.

Last financial year, 431 provisional drivers were caught with proscribed drugs in their system, compared to 238 provisional drivers who were driving with a blood-alcohol level above zero.

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MDT (Mobile Drug Testing)

Mobile drug testing has the potential to be a useful and helpful tool to deter people from drug driving thus making the road safer. In order to safely drive, you are required to have sharp reflex’s and good concentration, being under the influence of drugs can debilitate this and this is where MDT steps in. MDT is a drug test that has been implemented to get drug drivers off the roads and scare people into not being under the influence of drugs whilst driving.

Though there is controversy around MDT and many people disagree with it for the following reasons:

- People that are every day marijuana smokers find it difficult to stop as the marijuana will stay in their system for up to 3 months this leads to them feeling as though there is no point in stoping.

- People feel as though it’s a violation of there rights, maybe someone decided one night it would be a good idea to participate in drug taking but the next day deeply regretted it and decided to never do it. Then a week later the drug still shows up in their system. The drug wasn’t impacting their driving and they had no intention to take it again, though they still get fined for having it in their system. Is this fair?

Some of the positives may include:

- That the MDT may discourage certain people from continuing there use of drugs.

- People may be deterred from driving under the influence of drugs, making the roads safer.

- Those who get caught may be discouraged from doing drugs after they’ve been penalised.

- MTD will help take dangerous drivers off the roads.

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MDT - there's no escaping it

Is MDT effective?

In my opinion MDT will definitely help reduce the amount of drug drivers on the road.
People may decide not to take drugs before they drive or maybe even consider quitting all together.
Those at parties or festivals may think twice if they know a MDT has been set up in the area. I feel MDT will be more successful for ecstasy and speed than marijuana as many long-term or every day smokers feel as though there is no point quitting smoking or not smoking before driving because the cannabis will still show in their system even months after they last smoked.

Though, if its 'right' is certainly still at question.
Cancer patients who use cannabis to help with the pain will still get penalized even if its medicinal because cannabis is still illegal in Australia. Cannabis oil contains far less THC than Cannabis grown for recreational use and shouldn't lower concentration or debilitate drivers in anyway; so is this morally correct?