Somerset County PLN

Bring Your Own Device #MINIedCamp

What is an EdCamp?

EdCamp is all about sharing personal strengths, collective good will, mutual respect and shared enthusiasm as educators. Topics are driven by the participants; flexible grouping strategies ensure that you get what you want from sessions. If you aren't getting what you need, just follow your feet to a new session.

EdCamp 101

EdCamp 101

Guaranteed to be Personalized and Relevant

Participant Driven Sessions...Will you Lead?

What topics are you dying to talk about with your colleagues? As you network with your peers, what is something you would like to discuss? Is there a new tech-tool that you would love to share with your colleagues or ask questions about?

Gone are the days of PowerPoints and Stand and Deliver Professional Development. Get exactly what you're looking for at the Somerset County PLN - MiniEdCamp.

Somerset County PLN #miniEdCamp 2016 Kickoff Session

Monday, Oct. 10th, 8-10am

435 Somerset Avenue

Rockwood, PA

Kickoff our Somerset County STEM Teachers Professional Learning Network #edCamp style. In this mini-edCamp, you will have the opportunity to network with colleagues across Somerset County about topics that you choose. The sessions in this mini-edCamp will form our break-out groups in our professional learning network. Utilize the EduPlanet21 platform to transcend space and time to discuss topics that are important to you! Utilize the enrollment code: VXT6XT to register for the Math and Science PLN on EP21. Access the enrollment page here.
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