Donna Jo Napoli


Zel is an adaptation for the Grimm brothers' story of Rapunzel. Zel is a young girl that has found true love but is taken away from it by her mother for her own selfish reasons. This story questions her Mother's parenting, her true love's intentions, and Zel's behavior.

Tough Words?

incipient: in an initial stage; beginning to happen or develop.

abated: lessen, reduce, or remove

depleted: diminish in number or quantity.

“I want her to be happy. It's worth sacrificing myself." -Eddie” ― Richelle Mead, Bloodlines

This is NOT what Zel's mother did for her. She cared about her own happiness and her dreams fulfillment rather than her daughter's happiness. When Zel's mother told her the truth of why she was locked in a tower I believe inside she made a pact with herself to never be like her mother and to sacrifice for her child's needs.


Konrad is the prince figure Zel met in town. He was drawn to her so quickly. To know that she was gone it hurt him and he had to find her. I was bothered by this a bit because you normally don't see guys waiting or searching for a girl for two years they met briefly. He had no extremely brave moments to show he was a hero. He was just a guy that was obsessed with a girl.


I felt for Zel in this book. She only had an hour a day to speak with another human being. She became depressed and lonely. Her behavior became so real because it would be behavior another person would have if they were in her shoes. She hurts herself, has major mood swings, and her only friends are those who can't talk.

Question yourself:

  • How far would you go for your own needs?
  • Are those needs just as important as hurting the ones you love?
  • Are you blind in love?
  • Does true love conquer all?
  • Would you have behaved like Zel?