21st Century Learning

Education of Tomorrow

What is 21st Century Learning?

In 21st Century Learning, students use technologies and apply them to new situations like: analyzing information, collaborating, solving problems, and making decisions. Using new technology to expand learning opportunity is very important for the success of future generations. It will also help with student achievements and completion.

How should lessons be different?

Our classrooms have been the same for many years ( lessons at school and homework at home). The lessons should use technology and different learning strategies that gets the student interest. They should make lessons which can be integrated with technology. Teachers have recently started using flipped classes; where students watch short YouTube videos at home and do their work in class, instead of home.

What is inquiry based learning?

Inquiry based learning is a process where students come up with questions. Then they have to research to find the answer. Students will build new understanding and meaning. Then they will share their research with other classmates. Inquiry based learning results in increases student independence, problem solving skills and student achievement.

Flipped Classrooms:

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