Date Rape

Fact One

The majority of rapes occur in living quarters--60% in victim’s residence, 10 % in a fraternity, 31 % in other living quarters. Off campus victimization also took place in bars, dance clubs and work settings.

Fact two

Many women do not report or characterize their victimization as a crime for reasons such as embarrassment, because they do not want to define someone who assaulted them as a rapist, or because they do not know the legal definition of rape. Many women blame themselves

Fact three

Most Date rape Happens when the victim is not fully aware of his or her surroundings. For example after they have been out drinking or under the influence.

Fact Four

The majority of sexual assault victims are young between the ages of 16 and 24. and only one out of 10 are reported.

Fact 5

over 80% of rape cases are date rape. Most victims do not report rape, but 1 in 5 young women may be rape victims, and 1 in 3 may be the victims of sexual assault in their lifetimes. Most rapes and sexual assaults occur among teens and young adults

Fact 6

95%-Percent of college rapes that are never reported to authorities

Fact 7

  • 85% of all drug related rapes are by someone well-known to the victim

Fact 8

25% of women and 16% of men have been sexually abused as children

Fact 9

For men who are abused as children, 62% of their offenders were men, 38% were women and For women abused as children, 92% of perpetrators were men

Fact 10

Nationally, about 42% of reported forceable rape cases result in arrest...but only 16% of all rape cases end in convictions