Nurse Practitioners

Kylie Schieble

Work Description

Nurse practitioners make decisions about health care needs and provide health care directly to patients. Some may work with children or teens and others work in areas as family nursing or geriatrics, the care of people who are elderly.

Working conditions

Nurse practitioners work up to 40 to 60 hours a week. They also might work nights, weekends, or even holidays.

Work places

They might work as members of health teams in medical clinics, hospital outpatient clinics, and public health facilities. Some of the nurse practitioners work at schools or have their own offices or clinics.
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What you need

To be a nurse practitioner you need a master's degree or doctorate in nursing and you need a license. Training to be nurse takes usually three to four years. When you are at work you would normally wear a uniform.

What you need to know

When being a nurse practitioner you need to know how to problem solve. Also you need to know how to make independent decisions about health care need. Be able to keep detailed records.
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How much they make

Earn $51,020 per year (national average)