Local Update

Vancouver Island EARTHLY PEACE

as One hand opened to Give, so is another hand opened to Receive

support your local
*Youth Achievement Groups
*Elderly Health and Activity Programs
*Young Adults Groups
*Single and Standing Strong SisterCity unity, and much much more, by contributing an amount of your dedicative time in our upcoming weekly, local community meetings for positively achieving Success

Vancouver Island's Non Profit organization of gathering in unity for Peace

and Understanding within sister communities and it's potential growth within its youth by seeding the original roots of their Elders and balancing its move of change of times

General Information:
from the people
by the people
for the people *Earthly Peace Vancouver Island

organization overview:

newly founded group for
*New Comers
*Immigrants of any status
*First Nations and any Indian status
*Single Parents *Struggling Grandparents
*and you, if you're with willingness to be a
starting seed of the moving change
by making daily a great difference with fulfilling
a common ground purpose, allowing individuals to have

a place for them, that is by them from them for one another, whereby with

growing time, a community ready to converse in its own ways, for the Greater Good