Prek 4.2

Nov 30th - Dec . 4th

Dear Pre-K parents,

This week we continued our discussion on wheels and moved on to transportation. We talked about how people move from one place to another and the different forms of transportation they can use. We also talked about how some forms of transportation move things/people faster than others.

During small groups, we worked with numbers playing card games and using manipulatives. This week, we also practiced rhyme playing the "Thumbs up" rhyming game and exploring with materials to make wheels turn. We had our own car wash where we cleaned our foam filled vehicles in a big tub of water. We also used the foam to make tracks and letters in our Discovery center. Drawing, coloring and cutting was also part of this week's practicing skills. We are trying to add more realistic details to our drawings.

We would like to thank all of our parents for their kind wishes and beautiful gifts presented to us, on teacher appreciation day. Also, thanks to those parents who managed to make some time to help our kids chose their holiday shopping gifts at the Holiday Shop.

Morning Ceremony

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Week's Activities

Exploring with Wheels, Foam and Water

Building Community and Independence

Construction and Puzzles

Imagination and Creation

Making Wheels Turn

Count to 20! (counting song for kids)
ABC RAP Video/$5 MP3

Wheelchair Presentation

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Friendly Reminders

- Come and celebrate with us "My Special Person day" Next Friday Dec. 11th . It will be in our classroom from 11:00 - 12:00.

- No classes Dec. 8th due to mother's day

- End of Year Celebration Dec 16th from 11:00 - 12:00

- Last day of of class Friday, Dec 18th ( half day)

This short video is quite interesting and I helps us understand the process of learning to read and write at young ages. Small ideas that make a big difference in our home and school.