My Favorie Dogs

Madison Palmer


One of my favorite dogs is Pitbulls. I love Pitbulls because they are friendly and adorable. People say that those dogs are really mean. That's not true. It depends on how you treat them. I have a Pitbull and his name is Cletus. He is really friendly. He doesn't like when you touch somebody. When my parents kiss Cletus is growling and jumping on my dad.


I like Husky's because they are cute and come in different colors like black, red, and white. Husky's are friendly. My grandpa had one when I was younger. Her name was Harley, she was white with blue eyes. She was my favorite dog my grandpa had.


I like Dalmatians because they are black and white. I like dogs that are brown, black, white or grey. Dalmatians have polka dots, and I like polka dots and other designs when it comes to dogs. Dalmatians are like labs. They look like it, but their not. These dogs are cute and friendly and soft. When they were babies they come out all white and they grow their dark black spots.