Project 10,000

Israeli culinary experiences

Connecting 10,000 Jews to Israel

  • Israeli Cooking events across the U.S
  • Hands-on cooking activities
  • Team building competitions
  • Reveal Israeli cooking secrets

The Team

Bringing Israel to the U.S!

What is the target audience?
Our program is for the younger and older Jews that can't make it to Israel through Taglit and other delegations that are usually aimed to the 18-26 years old.

What are the benefits of the project?

  • Hebrew speaking Chef and staff Bringing Israel all the way to the US
  • Enhancing the Participants connection to Israel in a time they cannot visit the country
  • Fresh and young program That helps connecting the Jewish community.

The staff will travel across the Jewish communities in the US and will visit summer schools, Jewish community houses,synagogues and any other place of gathering.
Project 10,000