Ben Mikaelson-Touching Spirit Bear

Joe Rousseau


Garvey-A parole officer in charge of Cole while he is temporarily in jail. He gets Cole into circle justice instead of jail time, and is one of the most important characters in the book. Edwin-An elder of the Tlingit tribe who helps Cole on the island. He introduces him to the pond, the ancestor rock, and teaches him many life lessons, like the circle of life. Peter-After telling the police about Cole robbing a gas station, Cole beats him up and smashes is head on the sidewalk. Hates Cole at first, but Cole eventually helps him overcome his anger. Cole-The main character of the book. After horribly beating Peter up, he must live by himself on an island in Alaska to avoid jail. He is mauled my a bear, who later helps him change the way he thinks about the world.


Circle-Throughout the book, the reader, along with Cole, is reminded of the circle of life. Everything moves and works together. What you do to the world, the world will do to you.

"Life is a hotdog."-Edwin teaches lves a hotdog. When you eat a hotdog, you can look at it as food, something to eat, or you can look at it as something more. Something to enjoy. That is not only true about hotdogs, but life. You can enjoy life, or you can try to get through everything as easily as possible with no consequence.

The ancestor rock-The ancestor is a rock that Edwin introduced to Cole. Every morning, after soaking in the pond, Cole would carry the rock up a hill, and push it off. The rock represents anger, and when you are carrying the rock, you are lugging the weight of your anger around, and letting it tire you. But when you roll it down the hill, you are releasing your anger.
Baby Bird-The baby bird symbolizes life. After the tree is struck by lightning, Cole sees some baby birds that have fallen out of their nest which was in the fallen tree. Cole sees them always trying to crawl back to the nest. Not giving up on all they have. Cole feels the same way after he is mauled by the bear. It says that he raises his head up to the sky, clinging to life and spread his wings. He is willing to do anything to cling to life. In that moment, he will do anything not to die.

Spirit Bear's Fur-Cole throwing his only proof of the Spirit Bear's existence shows that he is done lying. He is always trying to prove things because he lied about them, and he wants to believe the lies like he wants other people to believe them.

I am Peter Driscal

I am Peter Driscal

I wonder why Cole is suddenly a much better person

I hear my own sobbing after Cole attacked me

I see myself getting revenge at Cole

I want to get back at Cole for what he has done to me

I am Peter Driscal

I pretend that I am Cole's friend on the island

I feel anger and hatred towards Cole

I touch the scars I have from Cole beating me

I worry that Cole will never change

I cry about the beating I took and the depression afterward

I am Peter Driscal

I understand Cole is trying to redeem himself

I say to him that he is a jerk

I dream about me and Cole being friends

I try not to show Cole that I am beginning to forgive him

I hope I can forgive him and myself

I am Peter Driscal

"Cole's eyes watered, then he blinked. This was the end, then. Resigned to his fate, he gazed into the bear's eyes but found no agression - only curiosity." -Mikaelson, 95

This quote from the book shows that Cole is no longer afraid of the bear, as the bear was never afraid of him. It shows that he forgives the bear, and the bear forgives him. They are beginning to understand eachother. Cole sees that the bear meant no harm, and nothing is his fault. The bear is understanding that Cole only acted out of anger, and he was beginning to change.