Puppy Pound Update

March 14th - March 18th

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Throughout the week, we did activities and lessons that were revolved around St. Patrick's Day. We talked about Ireland and how St. Patrick's Day came about. Leprechauns were our favorite to talk about though!

We got to create our own little Leprechauns and then, on St. Patrick's Day, we got to create a "trap" for how we would catch a Leprechaun! Were you wondering what we used all those recycled supplies for?? Well now you know! We used them all to create different traps with our table teams!

Big image

"Party for Leprechauns"

I hope this worked!

Working on our very own leprechauns!

Working with our table teams to try and create a clever "Leprechaun trap". We worked very hard on creating these masterpieces!


This week we started our new math unit on using place value to understand how to add and subtract within 100. We have been learning different ways that we can write two-digit numbers, including expanded form.

Ask your child how to give the expanded form of the number 42. For some extra support, remind your child that expanded form is the addition problem. You take your tens and add them to your ones in the number.

Answer: 40 + 2 = 42. This is 42 in its expanded form!

Writing - Opinion

This week we started to dive deeper into opinion writing. With our table groups, we got a stuffed animal dog and we had to explain to the class why our dog was "the best in show". We came up with ideas and reasons as to why people should essentially vote for their dog as "the best in show". Once everyone got a chance to try and convince everyone to vote, we got to use our Spend-A-Bucks to use on each dog. This was a fun way for us to get to vote on our favorite dog!

*About Spend-A-Buck: This is Kagan structure where students get to spend their money on the specific items. Each student gets 10 Spend-A-Bucks, but they have to put at least one dollar down on each persons item (that way everyone has something in their bucket). Then, they get to spend the rest of their "money" on whichever one they believe should win!

5th Grade Buddies

Every Wednesday, our 5th grade buddies come in to do a fun activity with us! This week with 5th grade buddies, we played the "dot game". This game is a classic, and it was fun to teach some of our first grade friends how to play the game.

The 5th graders were big help in explaining how to do the dot game. If any first grader had a questions, they helped explain the game for them!

Next Week

Next week is the last week before Spring Break!

Picture day is on Thursday.

*Thursday is also my last day :'(

Friday there is no school.