villans win

in deark world

villians win

My name is Tealhead andthis is my parenter speedy and we are superhears."when are we going to death world to fight Deome and Firestrk" saind speedy "we will go at noon ok speedy" I saind

at death world

whean we arived no one was ther a feaw mintas later Deamon and Firestrak arived and deamon asked "why are you'il hear"saind deamon "we are hear to fight you"I saind. Firestark thear a borldre at me I did not get hit becouse I telported to speedy and helpd with deamon, Deamon whent after speedy.

villians win

Firestrack put me in a cage "go get speedy deamon"said Friestrack "then we will through them in a space hole heare I whent to through the outher superhearos in a space hole to ,so heare deamon" said firestrack