The LMS Lowdown

September 24, 2021

Principal's Message

Typically, I am very positive in these messages. However, today I want to address something that is very bothersome. Recently, there has been something going around on social media which challenges kids to vandalize their schools, particularly the bathrooms. Today, we had a student open the soap dispenser and steal the soap. I addressed the students and made the following points to them:

First, this is our "home away from home" and we need to take care of it.

Secondly, I expressed my disappointment, and quite frankly, my anger that someone would make the conscious decision to deliberately vandalize our building. I made it abundantly clear that this would not be tolerated and that we would use our resources (bathroom sign-out sheets as well as the hall cameras that see who enters and exits every bathroom) to find individuals who made the selfish decision to commit such acts.

Thirdly, I also let them know that we will suspend students, and this may may also lead to a hearing with the superintendent and/or the Board of Education. In addition, the families will need to pay restitution for any for any damages.

99.9% of our students are doing the right things and we applaud them for that. Our STAR Principles say Respect Everyone. In this case, every student and our school deserves to be respected and any individual who purposely does not will have to Take Responsibility (Another STAR Principle) for their actions.

I ask you to join me as a partner in helping our LMS students to make good choices. Please take the time to discuss this with your child. We want everyone to be successful and enjoy their time here at LMS.

Love to see excited learners!

Look at how many kids are raising their hands to answer questions in math. It's moments like this that make me smile as I watch our kids flourish back in the classroom. As an added bonus, for learning how to plot points on a graph, Mr. Berman's SLOPE tie made its first appearance of the year.
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For the 21-22 school year, the time formerly known as Focus has been replaced by STAR Time. This a short time each day when a small number of students (about 11-14) will meet with a teacher. Mrs. Brennan is coordinating the lessons and ideas for this time for the staff. The staff has a menu of activities they can work on with the students.

The main purpose of the time is to provide Social Emotional Learning lessons, work on incorporating the STAR Principles, and take time to focus on the mental health side of ourselves. Recent topics have included resilience and "picking people up".

Looking around today, Mr. Brown took his group on a walk to talk with each other. In the picture below, Mrs. Fox took her kids into the newly redesigned courtyard (thank you LMS custodians) to relax and enjoy each other's company on a beautiful day. We believe this is an important part of their development as young people during middle school.

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Makeup Picture Day

We hope the student pictures will be available soon. Some of you have asked about the makeup Day for pictures. It will be November 10th. If you were not able get them done or would like re-takes, that will be your opportunity.

Week of Respect

Our annual Week of Respect is Monday, October 4th-Thursday, October 7th. These are the themes for each day:

Monday October 4th

Let RESPECT shine - Celebrate the kick-off by wearing your brightest and shiniest neon or sparkly outfit.


Tuesday October 5th

Mix it Up Day by wearing mismatched clothing, socks or shoes to celebrate the ways we are different, unique and creative. The message of the day is about respecting and embracing our differences.


Wednesday October 6th

Love yourself! Today is all about SELF-RESPECT. We treat ourselves well by exercising, eating nutritious foods, learning coping skills and managing stress. Wear athletic gear today.


Thursday October 7th

Go for the Gold and Blue Day. Wear school colors to celebrate our community and remember to follow the golden rule. Remember you are a STAR (STAY SAFE, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, ALWAYS BE KIND, RESPECT EVERYONE).


Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

This is getting much better and the lines are moving. I know we all have places to get to, especially in the morning. What I would ask is that you follow the directions on the sign, seen below, and pull all the way up to the front doors. When cars do that, we can fit at least eight cars along the drop off line. Stopping short of pulling all the way up only causes a back up and makes the line move slower. I thank you for your attention to this matter.
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Notable Dates and Spirit Days

Week of Respect- 10/4-10/7 See above for what to wear each day

Friday, October 8th- School Closed for students- Teacher Inservice