School Computer Rules


10 computer rules at school and school links

1. Tell an adult when you have got cyberbullied.

2. Don't be rude to anyone and don't post rude pictures online.

3. Chat on post things in proper words, no text word and no shortening word.

4. Don't post your personal information. ( You can get hacked easily)

5.Don't respond when you got a rude text message.

6. Copy-right is illegal so do not copy-right when you are doing your assignment.

7. Don't share password with anyone. ( only share it with parent or teacher)

8. Avoid making friends online without knowing them.

9. Don't click on any prize links.(it is not true that you won they are trying to get information from you)

10. Don't look at any inapropriate pictures videos or make up illegal account.( there is a reason you not allowed to do that)