Water Hydroelectricity Association

The WHA is constantly making improvements to water!

Benefits of redirecting water using dams and flood gates

-green energy for citizens and industries

-less flooding in highly populated areas

-less erosion due to flooding

-water trans ported to areas where it is needed

How managing water more effiently can help

-prevent incidents similar to what happened in Flint Micigan

-cleaner water by using cleaner pipelines

-less flooding and can get water to drought areas

-allows us to conserve our most precious resource; water

-can help farmers, citizens, and communities that have issues with water

Duration of the WHA's services

Our program would still be in place for approximately 15-20 years. During that time, construction would be happening as well as putting into place all the necessary rules and regulations for the new water system. After those 20 years have ended, the system will continues to make improvements, as the needs of our society change in the future.

Things our program would help improve

Point of Reference

The WHA can be associated with the CCC and TVA. This is mainly because the CCC helped to stop water erosion during floods, and the TVA helped to get cleaner water, build dams, and provide hydroelectricity to citizens in the area.

The Federal Government's Role

The federal government will have to fund the project, employ people, and give permission for building dams and floodgates. It may also have to set regulations or limits to when and where we can build.

Frequently Asked Questions and Arguements

-it's expensive

-dams block natural flow of rivers

-can destroy some parts of the environment

-clean energy may cause people in fossil fuel industries to lose their jobs


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