9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

Created By: Leyna Liu

1. Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using information, technology, and the Internet.

2. Digital Etiquette

Digital etiquette or netiquette is a set of rules you should follow to make the Internet a better place for you and others.

3. Digital Laws

Digital Law relates to crimes of stealing or causing damage to other people's work, identity, or digital property. Stealing someone's identity or digital property are included in Digital Law.

4. Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Digital rights and responsibilities is the right and freedom to use all types of digital technology while using the technology in an acceptable and appropriate manner. Not respecting others on the internet, or not reporting something inappropriate online is your responsibility as a digital user.

5. Digital Commerce

Digital commerece is the buying and selling of goods online.

6. Digital Communication

Digital communication is the electronic way of exchanging information.

7. Digital Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness in digital form means that people should use the internet appropriately and safely for the body.

8. Digital Access

Digital Access is the full electronic participation in society.

9. Digital Security

Digital Security is electronic precautions to guarantee safety. Internet users should always be cautious when on the internet.