Hassels' Headlines

Sept. 16th, 2016

Important Dates

September 26th- HHS Homecoming week

September 28th- Picture Day AND Wendy's Dine and Share

September 30th- HHS Homecoming game AND Spirit Day (crazy hair day)

October 18th- Fundraiser pick-up

News You Can Use!

Spirit Wear- order forms went home today and are due September 28th

PAWS Pride-This week our PAWS Pride lesson focused on expectations during indoor recess. The students discussed appropriate choices to make during this time and how to make positive choices when interacting with classmates. Our school has also decided indoor recess will be Chromebook free. This is another opportunity for our students to interact and socialize with their peers.

Subject Snapshots


Weekly Story: On the Banks os Plum Creek

Comprehension Skills: Literary Elements and Background Knowledge

Conventions: Complete Subjects and Predicates

Vocabulary: Multiple Meaning Words

Writing: Personal Narrative

Spelling: Long E and O (ee, ea, ow)


Topic 2: Fluently Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Whole Numbers


Animal Adaptations


Monday- We listened to the story, On the Banks of Plum Creek and did a vocab game where you had to cut up the words and their definition and try to match them.

Tuesday- We did a short analysis for -ing and then we worked on subjects and predicates with a slideshow.

Wednesday- We worked on subjects and predicates again, on whiteboards this time and we worked on a google draw about multiple meaning words.

Thursday- We did a paired text about space, a fresh read, vocabulary headbands in daily 5 and we did a quizlet live.

Friday- We did a test, a Kahoot, and learned about the 40 book challenge.


Monday- On Monday we had to take a seed story and expand it and our teacher read RoxaBoxen to give an example of a good lead.

Tuesday- On Tuesday our teacher told us how to make a good lead in writing and she also gave us an example with a big sheet of paper that has different leads.

Wednesday- On Wednesday we started writing our lead for our first paragraph and I was making a sad story.

Thursday -On Thursday we shared more of our leads and started expanding more on are writing and made it bigger.

Friday- ​On Friday we are finishing up our 2 paragraphs of our rough draft.

Mrs. Hassels' Math Class

Hassles Math - On Monday we took a Topic 2 pretest. It does not go in the grade book, but it just helps Mrs. Hassles understand how much we already know. After that we cut and glued our vocab card into our math notebook.

On Tuesday we learned about break apart, counting on, and compensation. Break apart is when you break apart the numbers and then add up all the sums. Counting on is when you have a number and you want to add on to it you can just use your fingers. Compensation is when you estimate the number to make it easier to add. Then you add the number that you took away.

On Wednesday we did estimating. Estimating is when you take a number and you round it to what ever place value you want to. If you want a more specific answer than round down lower.

On Thursday we learned about the Addition Algorithm. Addition algorithm is just like addition steps.

On Friday we took a time test. We also played a center game. Finally we reviewed estimating.

Mrs. Price's Math Class

In Mrs. Price's Math this week we learned how to put decimal numbers in expanded form and we also learned how to round them. It was actually quite fun. We would have our new and colorful envision books out and we would put numbers like 567,983 and 1.387 in expanded form with and without exponents. Like 4.673 (4*1) + (6*1 tenth) + (7* 1 hundredth) + (3*1 thousandth). This really made us think!

Now today (Friday) we took our topic 1 tests and we had a fire drill during that! We also learned how to round decimals to the nearest whatever tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. Have you ever heard of prodigy? We also did that this week. It was fun. We had a fun week in math. Have a good Weekend!


On Monday in Science we researched an animal that we picked from any of the habitats we researched last week. We had to find pictures of the habitat it lives in and three of it's adaptations. The habitats include Everglades, the Ocean, the Mountains, Pacific Northwest Forests,and the Arctic Tundra.

On Tuesday and Wednesday in science we put our animal from our research and we put it in Google Draw. You had to label your pictures and put your pictures in Google Draw.

On Thursday in science we did a Clarisketch. A Clarisketch is where you put a picture on the screen and you can use all sorts of different tools on it. You can talk and draw at the same exact time! After you finish you can listen to it. It is an awesome way to learn.

On Friday​ in science, we finished our Clarisketch's from Thursday.

by: Riley



We were doing soccer.On one side of the field you had a ball and a bowling pin.Then you would have to take the bowling pin and hit the ball.On the other side you had to take just a ball and do drills.It was really fun!!


We had a hoop and a ball and then we would throw the ball inside the hoop and your partner would have to catch the ball and you will take turn doing it.It was fun!


We played this game where we had a card and would have to spell the word with like number but the numbers were in the alphabet and you would keep doing it in tile your gym teacher said stop playing!!


We did the mile run and you had to run around the bus parking lot 4 times.


We did hula hut throw down.

By:Elsa nielsen


Monday-In Music we had to guess what type of instrument it was.We had to guess if it was wood, metal,scraper and shaker,and drum.

Tuesday-In Music we had to shake,tap,and hit the instrument when Mrs.Karl bounced,rolled,threw a rumble ball.

Wednesday-In Music we play a name game where you had to call somebody's name but we used instrument names instead.

Click here to view the Aiken Drum projects created by your students last week.
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Monday: None

Tuesday: None

Wednesday: None

Thursday: On Thursday we got to make the alphabet In a weird way. You could of made the letters curve if you wanted. You didn't need to make the letters normal. You could of used bubble letters or block letters. It was pretty fun!

Friday: On Friday we got to color the background of are alphabet with these new crayons that smell like grapes. I love them because I love grapes. This project is really fun! I would totally recommend it for anyone!

By Elaina