Week at a Glance

12/7- 5th Grade Social

12/9- 6th Grade Social

12/10- Math Meeting (B104), APA/DLM Meeting (A107)

New Passengers on the Bus!

I would like to take the time to welcome two new members to the Hartford Staff. Brian Miller has taken over the custodial services in the downstairs 6th grade wing of the building. We would also like to welcome our new part-time school nurse Betsy Maier.

Powerschool Bulletin

Please remember to show the PowerSchool Bulletin every morning in homeroom to keep students up to date on the club schedules and cancellations.


Mary Anne and I are working very hard to complete all outstanding evaluations. If we haven't seen you, we will see you very soon. We have been very happy with what we have seen thus far. Please remember to post your objectives on the board in a place that can easily be seen by everyone. We have noticed that there have been some classrooms without them posted on the board. This is one of the first things we look for when going into classrooms. Also, please make sure that they are written in a student-friendly way so that when we ask them about what they are learning they can explain it. Remember to have up to date plans on the server. As stated in an earlier HUES News, certain areas of McRel will receive a "Not Demonstrated" if they are not available for us to view.

January Faculty Meeting

I am moving the January faculty meeting from Jan 4 to Jan 11 to avoid a meeting right after we return from the holidays. It has been changed on the Hartford Google calendar. Staff Picture Day will also be on 1/11.

We Still Have Believers...

Last year I received a few emails from parents on the subject of Santa Claus and the Elf on the Shelf. The reason for their emails centered around an adult telling them that Santa and the Elf on the Shelf are not real. Please keep in mind that we still have some believers and let's allow them for figure it out in their own time.