NBPS Technology Newsletter

January 2022

What's been happening?

From the NBPS Social Media Challenge, to the Hour of Code, to virtual learning, and more... NBPS has been extremely busy and productive throughout the last few months. Students have been utilizing their technology to enhance their learning, engagement, and technology skills throughout each subject. Check out all of the amazing things that have been happening lately.

NBPS Social Media Challenge

Throughout the months of December and January, all of NBPS has been participating in the Choice Board Social Media Challenge. Staff members at each school are competing as a team to complete the board twice. The school with the most entries with win lunch and a free dress-down day for their entire school! Keep tweeting until January 31st, and stay tuned for the winner to be announced in February!

Hour of Code Highlight

High School Highlight Learning About Cryptocurrency

All students taking the Computer Science Discoveries-1 courses participated in this year’s Hour of Code event during the week of December 13 – 17, 2021. We explored the topic on “Cryptocurrency: Exploring the Bitcoin Ledger” by using the CodeHS online interactive platform to pique the interest of our students and help them understand why cryptocurrency has gained in popularity lately.

Gained Understandings:

1. How is cryptocurrency different from regular currency?

2. Learn about the Bitcoin blockchain ledger and some Bitcoin statistics.

3. Investigate a transaction and see a current overall view of Bitcoin’s performance history.

4. Consider the pros and cons of cryptocurrency and whether it is a good investment?

My name is Miss Reshmi and I will be teaching computer science courses at the high school. This will be my fourteenth year teaching and hopefully the best one yet. I am very excited to be a part of this school community.

I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in education technology. I consider myself a lifelong learner who has a passion for math and coding. In 2020, I was fortunate enough to be recognized by the Union County Superintendents Roundtable as one of their ‘teacher of the year’ awardees.

I have a son named Ayush, who is currently a high school junior. When I am not teaching I love to take nature walks, cook and listen to different genres of music.

Teacher and Classroom Highlights

Roosevelt Highlight

My name is Ms. Van Hook and I have been working in NBPS for 6 years teaching first grade with my co-teacher, Ms. Dworkowitz, who has been teaching in NBPS for 3 years. Since first grade has received a new ELA/SS curriculum this 2021-22 school year, all teachers are navigating each lesson as the year goes on adding little twists and turns of their own to make it engaging and fun for all students to learn.

In this lesson, we were learning about how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world. Once we saw this lesson, we knew we needed to make it travel themed! All students filled out their passports & had their boarding passes ready to "board" the airplane. Once students made it through airport security and safely in their seats, I did a little flight attendant speech to really get them in the spirit of traveling! As the students traveled, they watched slides with pictures and videos in each location and their specific Christmas traditions that they did. The students then received a stamp that they had to glue into their passports. By the end of our travels, we sure were super exhausted but the students now had a collection of all the stamps from all 5 places we traveled to. We traveled to: Columbia, Germany, Egypt, Italy & Eritrea! Our next lessons will include the students writing about how we celebrate Christmas in the US & then they will choose another country they learned about on our travels and how they celebrate Christmas.

We truly traveled all over the world and it was such a fun experience!

Shoprite Jr. Highlight

I have been in the district since 2014 and have 23 years total teaching experience. I was an english teacher for 8 years and Supermarket Careers for 15 years. I am very proud of the fact that since entering the district 66 students have landed jobs and other school districts have copied my system.

This project that we do was based on the fact that ShopRite and other stores absolutely look at an applicant's social media and their basic online persona. In the summer, I work at stores to make sure knowledge is current and store managers help me craft lessons to better help our students land jobs. It is about being careful online can ensure or erase a job opportunity.

What is Girls on the Run?

Girls on the Run is a nonprofit that provides a Physical Activity based Social and Emotional Wellness program for 3rd-8th grade girls that teaches life skills through active learning, an evidence based curriculum, and conversations and games led by trained volunteer coaches. The girls meet afterschool, twice a week for 8 weeks exploring challenges such as confidence, team building, dealing with gossip and bullying, resilience, community service and creating a healthy active lifestyle. Throughout the eight weeks the girls are also learning perseverance and goal setting by learning how to run a 5K race. The Girls on the Run Curriculum empowers girls to successfully navigate life experiences, and encourages a lifetime appreciation for health and fitness. Program staff, board members, volunteers, and sponsors are working together toward a world where EVERY GIRL knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.
Girls on the Run - Longitudinal Study Video

Lord Stirling Community Schools' Race

This past Fall Lord Stirling participated in our first Girls on the Run Season. We had 18 3rd-5th grade girls join our awesome group. Every Tuesday and Thursday we met to work on our girl power which included learning all about increasing our self-esteem, self-worth, and self-health. Each practice we ran to get us in shape for our 5k run which took place in November. With the help and support of our coaches, teachers, administration, and family each of the 18 girls completed the 5k. It was an accomplishment none of us will ever forget. We can’t wait for the Spring season to begin in March. (Dawn DiPane, Coordinator at LSCS)

Curriculum and Instruction Department

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