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By: The Love Doctor (aka Two Anonymous Students)

If you’re single & ready to mingle: buy your crush a singing valogram from the school. Embarrass them in class, it will really make them like you! If you want to be more subtle about it, grab some of the cheaper chocolate from the store and throw them at their face. They have to like you at some point if you keep getting their attention! Attention shows effort, and what more could someone ask for? (Plus they get chocolate so everybody wins.)

New relationships: Don’t go overboard. Keep it simple and buy a fluffy teddy bear and some candy. If you really want their attention buy the biggest bear you can find and make them carry it around the whole day at school (This makes sure that everybody knows your new crush is taken even if they look aggravated having to carry that huge bear around!).

Longer relationships: Candy is always a go to option if you’re still broke from buying your person everything they wanted for Christmas. You can get chocolate, sweet/sour candy, heart shaped candies, any kind of candy really. If you want to do a little more, take them to dinner at a fancy restaurant and let them order that steak that seems outrageously expensive. Also, if you’re really feeling like going all out for this person get them a nice bracelet or a cute necklace and write a corny saying on it like “it’s almost as pretty as you” or “it sparkles like your smile." Unless of course it’s a cheap little gumball ring, and then you might make them a little upset.

Single: If you’re not feeling the holiday this year and you’re not in a relationship, don’t get too down on yourself:

1. You’re awesome.

2. Discount chocolate still tastes just as good as it did when it was $14.50 and nobody was buying it for you.

3. Treat yourself! Have a day for yourself, go get your nails done and get yourself a good order of takeout. If you’re a guy, play some video games and enjoy the day.


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By: Jensen Barker and Kayla Mason

We recently sat down with Mrs. King and discussed her passion for teaching and how her family helps her to strive to be the best she can be. She also discussed with us how her year is going as an administrator and a little bit about her personal life. You may think you know Mrs. King, but how well do you really know her?

The first thing Mrs. King talked with us about is her administrative work. She worked at the Greenville County District Office during the 13-14 school year. She worked with human resources and dealt with many different aspects of teacher certification, like evaluations and interviews. She has been an assistant administrator for the last two years at Wren. Some of her responsibilities include: tardy discipline, working with at risk students, iPads, graduation, and several other tasks. She says that the best thing about her job is that every day is different. “Sometimes you just get those kids that have dug themselves into an academic or disciplinary hole. Those are the kids that I enjoy working with the most because if they can turn things around, I enjoy seeing them succeed.”

She also discussed with us how the year has been going in terms of iPads. She says, “The answer changes every day. When they are functioning properly, they are an awesome tool to increase my students’ opportunity to learn. However, when they don’t work they make great paper weights.” Mrs. King says that they have encountering different obstacles, but regardless, she believes the iPads hold a lot of value in teaching.

As with all working mothers, there has to be a balance between home life and work life. Mrs. King says this can be a little tough. “My job tends to be cyclical. I have times during the year where I’m very busy and during those times I spend a lot of hours at school. I could not be successful in my job at Wren without my fantastic support system.”

She shared with us a little side story relating to this question: "When my oldest son was very young, I still coached softball. He loved (and still loves) rocks. Oftentimes when I came home after a late practice or a game, he would be in bed. I would go in to kiss him goodnight and he would hand me a little rock and say, ‘Mama, I got you a present to remember me and I love you.’ I still have some of these rocks and actually carry them in my pocket everyday to represent the people that I believe that have shaped me into the person I am today (all my kids, husband, parents, and grandparents). It may sound a little silly, but on days that I work late or am away from home, I jiggle those rocks and it reminds me of my family and that they are the reason I strive for success.”

Want to know the key to success? Mrs. King says its education. She says that institutions like governments and economies struggle to function in an uneducated society. The only way we can combat issues in our world like terrorism, hunger, poverty, and so on, is to educate our young people. Her hope is that students will take advantage of the many opportunities Wren can offer them and that even after they leave Wren, they become perpetual students and always strive to learn something new everyday.


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By: Kalee Aiken and Katie Allen

For the people who don’t have plans on Valentine’s Day, we have a list of Netflix shows that you can binge on while eating the assorted chocolate hearts that your parents bought you.

· Beyond Scared Straight- This show is a good way to explain how bad decisions can lead to a horrible life in jail. A lot of young teens don’t realize the consequences of their actions until it’s too late. This is an interesting show that anyone can get addicted to.

· 90210- This show is about a high school student that moves from Kansas to Beverly Hills and has to adjust to the life style differences. With 114 episodes available on Netflix this is a great show to binge watch. It includes many struggles that any high school student can face. With many funny and romantic moments this show appeals to most girls and guys as well.

· Vampire Diaries- Netflix offers six seasons of this show that is also binge-worthy. Anyone who likes supernatural romance will definitely fall in love with this show. Along with romance this show has a lot of action scenes and a plot line that keeps you on the edge.

· It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – If you like TV shows that are filled with comedy and nonsense then this is the show for you. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia doesn’t make any sense but it makes you want to continue watching. This show has to be a comedy if it stars Danny DeVito. On Netflix they provide ten seasons filled with nonstop laughs.

· Freaks and Geeks- Although this is an older TV show it is still one of the best series on Netflix. It appeals to any high school student and can teach you a lot of different lessons about life. This show contains romance and comedy. Freaks and Geeks was sadly canceled after one season, but you will not regret watching the episodes offered on Netflix. This show stars James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segel.


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By: Abby Rutledge and Ashley Goss

Growing up, I always looked forward to my schools Valentine’s celebration, which consisted of decorating your shoebox to exchange cards, eating heart shaped cookies, and watching “A Charlie Brown Valentine’s Day.” As a child, Valentine’s was a fun, laid back holiday. Just like everything else in life, it changes as you get older. You no longer celebrate Valentine’s Day at school; therefore, you no longer have 20-something other “valentines…”

During the lovely, awkward middle school years you feel obligated to find that “one special someone” whom you can share this special day with. For me, loneliness set in the week before Valentine’s as I rushed to that the “perfect” someone. I made a fool of myself through “flirting” anonymously with Val-o-grams, hoping that my short-lived crush would like me back in time for Valentine’s Day. As the story always goes, my plan never worked.

Then I started high school and discovered the less I tried, the easier it was to pass through this holiday alone. By my third year of high school, I finally had a REAL valentine! On the days leading up to Valentine’s Day I got chocolate, flowers, and teddy bear. On Valentine’s Day I got a promise ring. I will always remember my first “real” valentine.

You might be thinking this was your typical Valentine’s Day story… and it is, BUT the moral of the story is Valentine’s Day is just another day to show love to those you care about most. Whether you have a “real” valentine or “pretend” valentine…



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BB&G Advice

The BB&G Advice Company is a trio that allows you to write in any questions that you have about your high school experience or life in general. We are three anonymous teens who have first-hand experience in giving expert and unique advice. These are our first 3 questions asked so far, and if you have any questions or need any advice you can write in and your answers will be answered in the next school newspaper.

1. Q: “What are some key factors to help me succeed during high school?”

A: High school can be tough sometimes. Three good points to keep in mind when trying to succeed are--

-time management

-keeping a positive attitude

-willingness to learn

2. Q: “I have a crush on this guy, what should I do?”

A: Be yourself, try talking to him and seeing how it goes. Having confidence in yourself will help as well. If you end up just being friends, in the end then that’s okay. You'll at least have a good friendship.

3. Q: “I am a freshman and I want to try out for sports but I am afraid I won’t make it. What should I do?”

A: Don’t be afraid to try out, because if you don’t you will never know if you would have made it or not. You'd rather try out then have that “What if” question on your conscience. Your high school career isn’t that long, and you want to make the best out of it. Try your best and practice hard and be confident. Don’t be afraid and always challenge yourself--that’s what it’s all about.

· Looking forward to more questions in the future, BB&G signing off!


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COMPILED BY: Tania Young, Siera Barbre, Noelle Nix, and Brandi Dyar

For some, Valentine’s Day is a fun and exciting holiday. For others, not so much. We asked a few people around the school to tell us about their Valentine’s Day experiences:

“Valentine’s day was always a fun holiday for me. I always got candy and other nice gifts. Well that soon changed. Last year on Valentine’s Day I was at my friend’s house. We were having a great time, just talking and eating. Everything was going great until I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle. Needless to say, my day was ruined. I had to go to the hospital, get a cast and walk on crutches for weeks. I guess you could say that wasn’t the best Valentine’s Day for me. Hopefully this year will be better.”

-Tania Young, grade 12

“My dad bought me a teddy bear one time, but that was only because he bought my sister one and I cried.” – Katie Allen, grade 11

“My boyfriend in 4th grade wrote me a poem. He stole this gold chain from his mom and gave it to me.” –Kalee Aiken, grade 11

“February 13, 1977, my husband and I were dating. It had been snowing and we went to the mountains. We got stuck there for 3 hours and we hadn’t eaten. He got the candy out of the trunk and we ate that for dinner. There goes my hamburger steak. I made him take me home, and the next day he came over with a dozen roses and a diamond ring a proposed.” –Pam Rogers, study hall

“My current wife, who I was dating at the time, and another couple were out at Dunkin’ Donuts. She wanted an apple spice donut and a blueberry donut. I was being a cheapskate, so I decided to just get 4 donuts. Both girls wanted 12. I told them that if I get these donuts, they better all get eaten. She decided that she only wanted to eat one, and I said 'I thought you wanted a blueberry one, too!” She then picked up the blueberry donut and smashed it in my face.'" –Coach Campbell


BY: Andrew Petronis
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In a way it was almost comforting to see all the little denizens of this place, as I was very alone. They serve as an example that I am not the only living thing which would be so odd as to go into the darkest places I can find. But then, in the distance I saw a light. My progress had been slow, as I half crawled, wading through the stream, and I had not gone all that far. I thought perhaps my journey was at its end, but I was mistaken. I crept forward, approached the light, squinting in its brilliance. It was not the end, but a hole in the tunnel, a missing piece through which I could gaze up at the blue sky above and green leaves of the trees, bending in the wind high above. I could hear birds chirping and all the comforts of a perfect day, in stark contrast to where I lay, clad and surrounded by black, breathing heavily through my grey mask (which probably would have been terrifying for anyone unfortunate enough to look down and see me).

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I waited for a time, gathering myself before I looked back down into the blackness from where I had come, and where I had to return. It is not wise to spend much time in a low tunnel; if a heavy rain were to occur suddenly the tunnel would flood, and my chances would be slim. Switching on my light once more I pressed forward on both hands and feet further down into the shadows, the people of Greenville thoroughly unaware that I lurked beneath them.
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Little changed from that section of tunnel to the next--the same plaster walls surrounded me, and spiders and such gazed in wide wonder at what had come into their midst for the first time. The last bit of the passage was the worst of it. The solid ceiling turned to plywood, some of which had begun to sag dangerously low. I had to use the utmost caution so as not to disturb it and risk its collapse. The solid cement floor once again gave way to natural stone and sand, and the water deepened. The exit was blocked by roots or perhaps branches, as though that place did not wish for me to go, for I was all it had.
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As though from a dream I awoke under the afternoon sun as I emerged from the tunnel, covered in dirt, dressed in black and very wet. To my surprise I found I was in a residential area, and so with haste I removed my mask, stuffing it into my bag and brushing myself, so as to appear normal. Glancing about I did not see anyone, and so I casually walked away, as though nothing had happened. My journey was at its end, but I still stopped and turned back to catch one last glimpse of the place from where I had come. I learned something, as I hope to from every place I visit. Despite the dark, despite the things that lurked within, and the dangers of such a passage, I felt peaceful, even contented in my time there. Things, places, people, which seem so dark and uninviting are by no means inherently evil, and should be treated with the same love as the shining sun above us.
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Thanks to Andrew Petronis for this fantastic photo essay.



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Caitlin is the one on the left.

It’s All on You

Think of your best friend. What color is her hair? What’s his favorite candy? Does she love to borrow your clothes? Is he an athlete or a musician? What’s the craziest thing the two of you have done together? All of these questions you could probably answer in fewer than ten seconds, with a smile on your face and a flood of memories rushing to your mind. After all, this is your best friend—the person who has shared countless laughs with you, listened to your every problem, and (if you’re a guy) probably punched you that one time when you really needed to get over that ex-girlfriend.

Okay, so not all friendships are full of rainbows and butterflies. You and your best friend have probably had a lot of stupid fights that seemed never ending while you were in the middle of them. And I’d love to say that old cliché, “You always come out stronger than you were before” is true, but it just isn’t. The harsh truth is this: some friendships are meant to die out.

And that’s okay.

In your first semester of college, you are violently thrown into the adult world overnight. No amount of summer tours on campus, research about your major, or wise words from your parents can fully prepare you for how starkly different college is from high school. Your first semester is the most stressful, busy, and overwhelming period of time you’ve yet to experience.

Scared yet? Stay with me. See, it’s in that semester that you find out what you’re made of, and what you are capable of doing all on your own. And that is so worth all of the hard work it takes to get through it. During this time of your life, you are growing and maturing exponentially. You will become an entirely new person during your freshman year, and that is a seriously awesome thing.

So think about that best friend again. Odds are they’ll be going through the exact same thing as you during that time of their life. They’ll be growing into their own independent, hard-working self, and sometimes that means the two of you will grow in opposite directions. It’s not because you don’t get to hang out as much as you used to, and it’s not because you don’t love each other anymore. It’s because sometimes two people just aren’t meant to stay good friends. And that’s okay. Sure it hurts to think about that now, but there is a huge, fast-paced world waiting for you outside, teeming with new people and new experiences. What you’ve built within the walls of Wren High School doesn’t necessarily have to disappear, but it has to be expanded. Your old friendships won’t completely evaporate like a lot of the scary college stories say, but those old friendships can’t hold you back from new ones.

Don’t be afraid to move forward in your life. That best friend of yours may not be there forever, and you have to be confident to pave your own way through life. What gets you through college is you. Your hard work, your dedication, your desire to succeed. Nobody else can do it for you. This big world is waiting to either eat you alive or be conquered by you.

Which will it be?

Caitlin Epperson, Wren Class of 2014, Anderson College class of 2018


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Congratulations to senior MaKenzie Divina for being named Miss SC Teen USA 2016! She will compete in the national pageant to be held in Las Vegas this August. Wish her well!

And congratulations also to both basketball teams for making the playoffs. The Lady Canes are region champs, and they have a first round playoff game Monday night against Broome. Yeah--you've got the day off...but come anyway and support the girls basketball team. Tip-off is at 6:30. The boys will take their act on the road to Lancaster on Tuesday for a 6:30 tip. According to Google Maps, it's about a two and a half hour drive from here to you'll be home by midnight, no problem.

It's not quite spring, but baseball and softball wait for no season!

Here are your baseball schedules (for varsity, JV, and C-team):

And here are the varsity and JV softball schedules: