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Cheap Holiday Villas in Spain

There is no limit to what is possible when it comes to holidays in Spain. This is a land that is full of nature, attractions, surprises, and opportunities for those who are on the lookout for an unforgettable break from the routine. And cheap holiday villas in Spain only make the deal an even more lucrative and irresistible one, thanks to the way the tourism industry has responded in kind to the swelling numbers of tourists who throng the country from the rest of Europe and from all over the world.

The best thing about cheap holiday villas in Spain is that you would be able to afford them without having to compromise on the kind of experience that you are looking for. And these are villas that are carefully designed and built in some of the best places and in some of the most picturesque and exciting locations in the country. You may be interested in visiting some of the best beaches in Spain that the land is known for, as in the case of El Carabassi along the long, splendid and immensely popular coast of Costa Blanca, or you may want to take in a lot of sun along the enticing sands of the Platja de Llafranc, known for its golden sands and its green waters along the other famous coastline, Costa Brava. Whatever your idea of a perfect holiday in Spain is, there are cheap holiday villas in Spain that do the magic for you, as you get lost in nature in the magic lands of the country.

And it is certainly not just the beaches that cheap holiday villas in Spain are concentrated on, even though the beaches as well as the islands of Gran Canaria or Mallorca tend to be the most popular destinations for accommodation. You may want to have a feel for the culture and vibrancy of some of the most popular cities in the country, whether it comes to the attractions in the capital city of Madrid, or the architectural splendours and the best beaches of Barcelona. The cultural significance and the historical importance of Spain can never be missed out on, and you would be able to get hold of cheap holiday villas in Spain in all parts of the country to explore what the land has to offer to tourists from all over the world. Enjoy Spain and experience the culture and its numerous fiestas by getting the best for your accommodation, with cheap holiday villas in Spain.

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Spain Festivals That are Worth Going to

Part of the Spanish attractions is the festivals. There are quite a number of festivals in the country that one should consider going to as they are among the very best. Some of the festivals are unique to certain regions and therefore experiences may differ to a great extent. You should be in a position to know the best areas where you can achieve this.

In Malaga, Semana Santa which is the Easter week is celebrated every year. It starts on Palm Sunday up to the Easter Sunday. During this time, you will be able to see many processions on the streets. May is a great month to visit Cordoba to sample the Cordoba en mayo. It is a time that you may never forget.

Another popular festival is Las Cruces. This takes place in the very first week of May. During the festival, you will see crosses made of flowers being embellished in public squares in many cities. There is music and dinking in the night. It is a time when people have great fun.

One of the most popular cultural exhibitions in Spain is the festival de patios. Here, the locals open up their homes so that other people may come in and see their patios arranged with beautiful flowers. This is mostly done on old patios.

The Cata Del Vino Montilla-Morilles is a great event where people go for wine tasting. This happens over a week in Spain and is totally an amazing event that should not be missed. While in Catalan, Dia de Sant Jordi is an event that should not be missed. In Barcelona, you will see roses all over. Books are widely sold during this festival especially in Ramblas. Book signings, diverse animations and concerts can be witnessed.

In Valencia, do not miss the Fallas festival that is held in March. The August fair in Malaga is a great one too and here you may engage in bullfights, sherry drinking as well as flamenco dancing. Another plausible festival is San Fermines that takes place in Navarra and Pamplona in July.

On May 15, the fiesta de San Isidro is held in Madrid. This is to celebrate the city’s portrait saint. Many other regions also have their own portrait saints and they too celebrate each year. The holy week is also a great festival time. It is an event that is at its best in Seville as well as all of Andalusia. The holy week is celebrated in most parts of Spain. Other festivals include the carnival, Cabalgata de los Reyes Mgos, San Sebastian International Film Festival as well as La Tomatina.

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Why Choose The Basque Country For Holiday?

The Basque country is located within the Spanish territory. As many other regions in Spain, it is a great tourist destination and has its share of attraction that actually make it receive visitors every year. The capital of Basque is Vitoria Gasteiz. It is divided into Alava, Guipuzcoa as well as Vizcaya. The capitals are Vitoria Gasteiz, san-Sebastian and Bilbao respectively.

The Basque country is rich in culture as well as many other things. The region even has its very own language called Euskera. The languages’ origin is highly disputed and no one really knows where it originated from. It is very unique thus making the region all the more mysterious. The folklore and culture are both autonomous. There is a sport unique to the Basque country called Baqueball.

The Basque country currently is quite industrialized. In fact, in Spain it can be ranked as most industrialized. However, there are many natural areas in the region that are still virgin lands. Most of this has been tuned into nature reserves thus one can make a date with nature and see the great flora and fauna that exists in this region. The parks include Urdaibai, Urkiola as well as Valderejo. There are landscapes to die for along Guernica River. If you love hiking, golf, riding as well as sports related to the mountains, this is the place to be. The Basque coast is yet another interesting area and if you want to tour here, a rain coat may come in handy due to the fine rain (txirimiri).

There are several notable cities in the region. San Sebastian is chief among them. Here, you will get resort areas that have been reputed since 19th century. The ambiance of a cosmopolitan nature has been conserved here. The waters are cool and a great place to go for a holiday.

Another city is Bilbao. It has a lot of importance both economically and industrially. Gothic cathedral is located here and is a major highlight in the region. The museum called Guggenheim is quite outstanding and was established back in the year 1997. The building that homes the museum is a great creation and shows architectural excellence. It is the great work of Gehry O. Frank who is an architect from America. It portrays avant-garde of twentieth century.

Vitoria-Gasteiz is the capital. The history is well preserved and the culture alive. Festivals that are held here are also very significant and attractibve to all who witness them.

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Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba: A Unique Attraction of Spain

The Great Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is a unique religious and historical monument of Spain. One of the finest examples of Islamic-Hispano architecture, it is one of the top attractions of Andalusia.

Situated in the historic centre of the Spanish city of Cordoba in Andalusia, the Mosque-Cathedral is divided into Christian and Islamic religious quarters.

History of Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba

Cordoba was one of the early Roman settlements of Spain. The Romans built a temple of Janus, which was converted into a Visigothic Church, when the Visigoths occupied the historic city. Following the Islamic conquest of Andalusia, Cordoba became the court of the Caliph of Damascus. The Muslim emir Abd ar-Rahman I ordered the construction of the Great Mosque at the site of the Visigothic Church of St Vincent. Under the Caliphate, Cordoba flourished as a centre of art, architecture and intellectual pursuits. The construction of the mosque continued for more than two centuries. For more that three centuries, the Great Mosque of Cordoba was the most prominent Islamic religious site in Andalusia. After the Christian conquest of Cordoba in the 13th century, the Great Mosque was converted into a Cathedral. Despite inclusion of Christian elements, the Mosque-Cathedral has retained its Islamic features that had made the medieval Cathedral one of the best-preserved Moorish and Renaissance monuments of Spain.

Features of Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba

The architecture of Great Mosque of Cordoba is inspired by the Great Mosque of Damascus. A prominent attraction of the mosque is the hypostyle hall with countless columns made out of marble, granite, onyx and jasper supporting the double arches. The ornate Mihrab with geometric and floral patterns is one of the finest in the Islamic world. The minarets, the colorful glass windows, wooden screens, attractive mosaics and the open court add to the visual appeal of the mosque. After the conversion of the mosque into the Cathedral de Cordoba, a Baroque altarpiece and choir were added to the middle of the structure.

Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba Tour

The Cathedral-Mosque is usually open to visitors from 8.30 AM to 10 AM and from 2 PM to 6 PM. Night time tours are organized on specific days.

Old Quarter

Visit to the Great Mosque-Cathedral is usually combined with a tour to the historic quarter of Cordoba. The thousand-year old city with its alleys and squares is a symbol of Medieval Spain. Recognizing the importance of the historic city and its great landmark, Cordoba has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Cheap Hotels and Resorts in Spain

Blessed with long scenic coastline, breathtakingly beautiful countryside nestled in the mountains and a rich cultural heritage, Spain is one of the leading holiday destinations of the world. Notwithstanding their location is the scenic regions of the country, the Spanish resorts are also noted for their affordable holiday deals.

Accommodations here range from bed and breakfast inns to luxurious parador. For the discerning travelers who want to enjoy a pleasurable vacation without breaking the bank, there are a number of affordable options for a cheap vacation.

With numerous hotels, villas and inns concentrated on the popular resorts on the coast, price wars are common in the popular holiday destinations of the country. However, much depends on the time of your visit. To get the best deal, it is always advisable to reserve your accommodation before your trip, especially during the summer months and holiday seasons. With plenty of restaurants offering meals at an affordable price, individual holidays to Spain are often cheaper than the all-inclusive holiday packages.

Popular Resorts for Cheap Holidays


In Costa Blanca, Benidorm is a popular destination for cheap vacations. The Spanish holiday resort is packed with a number of budget hotels, apartments, villas and cottages. Restaurants and cafes serving authentic Catalan seafood specialties at a reasonable price are scattered across the resort. Self-catering holiday in a basic holiday villa or an apartment can significantly lower your vacation cost in Benidorm.


In Costa del Sol, Benalmadena is a popular destination for cheap holiday. Dotted with great value hotels, it is a great place to enjoy the beauty of coastal Spain, experience its rich cultural heritage and savour traditional Spanish delicacies.


Another Costa del Sol resort where you can enjoy a cheap vacation is Torremolinos. The fishing town offers countless opportunities for outdoor sports that are usually available at an affordable rate. The seaside restaurants and cafes are popular among epicureans eager to devour the traditional seafood dishes and local wines at a reasonable rate.

Puerto del Carmen

In Lanzarote, Puerto del Carmen is a popular destination for an affordable beach holiday. There are a number of low cost apartments, villas and hotels in the coastal town. Most of them offer great deals on advanced booking.


In Majorca, one of the best places for an affordable beach vacation is the scenic tourist resort of Alcudia. The touristy area of the Balearic Island contains a large number of hotels that offer quality service at a reasonable price. The villas and apartments are popular for affordable self-catering vacations.

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Holiday Villas in Mallorca

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, is the most visited Spanish island in the Mediterranean. Its idyllic beaches are not the only attraction of Mallorca. Apart from lounging on white sand beaches, swimming, diving and sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, there are numerous other attractions worth exploring. Mallorca has scenic hiking trails, historic monuments, gardens, parks and golf courses.

To spend few days in the rustic setting of a Mallorca coastal village, numerous travelers prefer to stay in the holiday villas of the island. From simple cozy fully equipped cottages to lavish countryside villas, a variety of holiday homes is available in Mallorca.

Types of holiday villas in Mallorca

For couples, Mallorca is dotted with comfortable one-bedroom villas. Two to three bedroom villas are ideal for families. Large groups of friends can be accommodated in the large luxurious island villas. Regardless of size, the holiday villas of Mallorca are fitted with upscale self-catering facilities. Almost every item of daily use can be found in the villas. From hair dryer to washing machine, every essential item is available in the upscale holiday homes.


The chic holiday homes are oases of luxuries. The spacious rooms are impeccably decorated with modern furnishing. Some of them are tastefully decorated with traditional Spanish decors. Satellite TV, telephone, essential toiletries and internet connection are available in the villas. The kitchens are equipped with necessary appliances. Laundry facilities are also available in the holiday homes. To enhance the comforts of a pleasurable vacation, the plush island villas have large swimming pools. Some of the luxurious self-catering accommodations also offer Jacuzzi, heated pools or separate swimming areas for kids. Barbecue areas are available in most of the villas.


Villa rentals are available in all parts of Mallorca. However, they are usually concentrated in the popular holiday areas, especially in the north coast. There are a number of attractive beach resorts in Puerto Pollensa. The beach is one of the popular venues for beach activities and water sports. This part of Mallorca is especially popular among families. For a blissful vacation, you can choose one of the villas of Alcudia. Located in the port or nestled inland near the historic quarter there are an array of holiday homes. There are a number of attractive villas in the vibrant southern seaside areas such as Cala D’Or and Palma Area. Luxurious properties ideal for a tranquil vacation can also be found in the less visited areas in central and eastern Mallorca.

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Holiday Villas in Spain to Rent

With attractions plentiful, scattered across the country, Spain is one of the top holiday destinations in the world. Nothing in life is as pleasurable as a vacation in one of the picturesque regions of Spain in a lovely holiday villa.

Spain boasts of idyllic beaches, scenic countryside, bustling cities and breathtakingly beautiful islands. Every part of the country has a distinct character of its own. You can choose any part of Spain as your holiday destination. Among the different types of holiday rentals available in the country, holiday villas are preferred by numerous vacationers who want to experience Spanish living and explore the region at a leisurely pace.

Facilities in Holiday Villas in Spain

Holiday villas are available in almost every holiday area of the country. From simple to majestic holiday homes, villas catering to different budgets and tastes are available across Spain. Holiday villas without pools can easily fit into any budget. For luxurious living, villas with pools are the popular accommodations, available in every part of Spain. Apart from the basic amenities that include furnished rooms and fully equipped kitchen, an array of leisure facilities are offered by the upscale holiday villas. The luxury holiday villas of Spain feature heated pools, separate swimming areas for children, pool with Jacuzzi and lush landscaped garden. Outdoor barbecue area and parking lot are other common features of the self-catering holiday homes.

Locations of Holiday Villas in Spain

Spain is dotted with holiday villas. The finest Spanish villas are located along the Spanish coast. Numerous holiday homes are situated inland, nestled in the lush mountainous regions or tucked in the verdant countryside. Holiday villas with pools and other luxury amenities are available close to the cosmopolitan city areas and at the heart of the rustic towns and villages. Regardless of your holiday destination in Spain, you can easily find an appropriate holiday villa.

The top destinations for villa holidays in Spain are the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Costa Brava. Attractive villa rentals are available around Barcelona and Valencia. Holiday villas are readily available in the popular holiday areas including Alicante, Girona, Granada, Murcia, Andalucia and other seaside resorts.

Holiday Villa Rentals in Spain

The weekly villa rents vary, depending upon the location of the villa, its facilities and demand. Villa rents are the highest during the summer months, the high tourist season in Spain. During the low season, attractive discounts on rent are available.

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Spain Tourism Statistics

Replete with natural and manmade attractions, Spain is one of the leading tourism destinations in the world. Although Spain has attracted travelers since the prehistoric time, tourism industry in the country had developed significantly during 60s and 70s of the last century.

Spain is the second most visited country in Europe, preceded by France and followed by UK. With millions of international tourists visiting Spain every year, tourism is one of the thriving industries of Spain.

International Tourist Statistics

Spain is the most popular travel destination of tourists from the British Isles. Almost a quarter of tourists come to Spain from the United Kingdom. A significant number of visitors from Germany, France, the Nordic countries and Italy visit Spain every year.

Beaches and Seaside Resorts

The tourism industry of Spain depends exceedingly on the seaside resorts dotting the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastline of the mainland and the archipelagoes. Spain earns most of its tourism-related income from ‘sand and sun’ tourism. Most of the developed beach areas of Spain are in Costa Blanca. Benidorm is the most visited beach resort of the white coast. This part of the Mediterranean coastline of Spain is especially popular among tourists from UK and Germany. The Catalonian coastline, especially Costa Brava, is popular among French travelers. Costa del Sol in Andalusia is another popular summer holiday destination. The two archipelagoes of Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands attract a large number of tourists from the Scandinavian countries and other parts of Europe every year. Among the Balearic Islands, Mallorca and Ibiza are the most visited islands in the Mediterranean. Gran Canaria is the leading island holiday destination in the Canary Islands archipelago.

Cultural Tourism

Steeped in history, the Spanish cities and towns are popular destinations for cultural tourism in Spain. Barcelona and Madrid, the two largest Spanish cities, are the top city destinations in the country. Seville and Granada are other popular cultural tourism destinations of the country. The most visited World Heritage Cities of Spain are Cordoba, Ibiza, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela and Toledo.

Method of Transport

More than 75 percent foreign tourists come to Spain by air. A small number from the neighboring countries choose other modes of transportations such as train, car and ferry services.

Types of Accommodation

Hotels are the most preferred accommodations in Spain. A significant number of travelers own accommodations or stay with family or relatives. Holiday homes and apartments are rented by a small number of foreign tourists.

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Spain Cultural Experience You Do Not Want to Miss

Spanish culture is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The rich and vibrant cultural heritage of Spain is depicted in its art, architecture, music and numerous fiestas. Spaniards love good life. Hence, a trip to the country is not confined to exploring its cities, towns, villages and beaches; it is also about discovering the lively culture of Spain.

Spanish Architecture

Spain has been one of the earliest sites of human settlements in Europe. Prehistoric Spain has been the venue of Celtic architecture. However, the development of Spanish architectural styles is attributed to the Romans. The pre-Romanesque architecture was further enriched with the Islamic elements of the Moors. Later the Catholic monarchs of the country adorned the Spanish cities and towns with gorgeous cathedrals and palatial buildings. The architecture of Spain is an amalgamation of the Romanesque, Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-classical architectural styles. Some of the greatest creations of Spanish architects worth visiting include the Cathedrals in Toledo, Castile, Seville, Leon, Burgos, Barcelona, Montserrat and Cordoba, the Royal Palace in Madrid, and the castles in Alcazar and Granada.

Spanish Art and Painting

Spain has produced numerous famous artists including Goya, El Greco, Velazquez, Picasso, Dali and others. Some of the finest masterpieces of the greatest Spanish painters can be seen in the interior of the cathedrals. To discover the splendour of Spanish art visit the art museums scattered across the country. The most popular museums of the country worth visiting include the Prado Museum and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, Hospital de Santa Cruz in Toledo, Picasso Museum in Barcelona and Bellas Artes Museum is Seville.

Spanish Music

Spanish musicians and singers have played an important role is the development of western classical music. While flamenco is the most popular form of music in Spain, the style and tradition of Spanish music vary from region to region. Andalusia to the south of Spain is the birthplace of Flamenco. Although flamenco bars are scattered across the country, for best flamenco performances you must head to Seville. Catalonia, Castile, Valencia, Aragon, Basque and Leon have their individual music and dance styles. Spanish operas are popular cultural attractions of the large cities.

Spanish Festivals

Spain is a land of fiestas. Festivals are held in the cities and towns in honour of their patron saints. Colorful fiestas are also held to celebrate the major Christian religious events, arrival of spring and victory of the Christians over the Moors. Fiestas are the best time to experience the vibrant Spanish life.

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The Granada Spain Accommodation

Situated at the confluence of the rivers Darro, Genil and Beiro, Granada is a fascinating Spanish city. The last city to be conquered by the Catholic monarchs of Spain from the Moors, Granada until date has retained its Moorish past in its historic monuments, buildings and gastronomy.

Visitors come to this stunning Andalusian city to explore its historic quarter, discover its rich cultural tradition and savour scrumptious Spanish food. With holiday rentals aplenty, accommodations in Granada are readily available.

Accommodation in Granada

Luxury Hotels in Granada

With a number of four and five star hotels scattered across the city and its neighborhood, accommodations for affluent travelers are a plentiful in Granada. There are a number of chic boutique hotels, the perfect cozy accommodations for romantic holiday. The small luxury hotels are usually housed in medieval houses replete with Moorish elements. The upscale hotels have incorporated a number of architectural features from the rich architectural styles of Granada, creating accommodations that have harmoniously blended the elegant past with the vibrant present. The plus hotels of the city can easily satisfy even the fussiest travelers with their high standard of hospitality combined with an array of luxurious amenities.

The all-inclusive hotels offer great dining opportunities. The restaurants serve delectable Spanish and international cuisines. The bars offer a wide range of wines and liquor, including popular local varieties. The calm poolside decorated with loungers overlooking the fantastic pool is the perfect place to unwind. Therapeutic treatments are available in the spas of the lavish hotels. Visitors can access the nightclubs, discos, souvenir shops and other leisure and entertainment facilities of the luxury hotels.

Budget Hotels

With numerous one and two star budget hotels dotting Granada, the city is a popular destination for budget holiday in Spain. The chirpy environment of the bed and breakfast accommodations draws visitors to these charming hotels. Basic amenities including air-conditioned rooms with heating facility, en suite bathroom, TV and internet connections are available in the cheap hotels.


For an affordable self-catering holiday, apartments are the appropriate holiday rentals in Granada. Furnished apartments with fully equipped kitchen can be rented for long vacations. Apart from basic amenities, a number of additional facilities such as swimming pool, garden, laundry service, café and cark parking lot are available.


For a tranquil vacation in one of the scenic regions of Spain, you may rent a traditional villa with garden and pool.

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