Grass Carp

Ctenopharyngoden idella


  • Ctenopharyngoden idella
  • Part of the minow family.
  • Most commonly known as the Grass Carp.
  • Is an invasive species in Ontario.
  • $2,000 dollar reward if species is captured.
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Last Sceen...

  • This species originally came from Southern Russia and Northern Vietnam.
  • They can be found in Lakes Huron and Erie and also the Don River.
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  • The Grass Carp causes aquatic damage.
  • The species was brought to North America to control aquatic plant invasive species called Hydrilla.
  • In this process the Grass carp also became an invasive species.
  • Since there population increased and there's so much of them this gives native fish less space to live in.
  • They also damage other plant species by destroying them with there sharp teeth.

Known Accomplices...

  • The Grass Carp was introduced to The United States in 1863 to control another aquatic invasive species called Hydrilla.
  • The Grass Carp population increased causing them to produce more eggs and make more of the species.
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Attempts To Capture...

  • Authorities have not tried to capture this species.
  • The Grass Carp is controlling another aquatic invasive species Hydrilla.
  • The public is allowd to catch this species.

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