Just Credit

By: Tad Bast and Kamryn Yates

The Dangers

Credit cards are useful tool for millions of Americans but credit cards hold unseen dangers. If one overspends their credit card or can't pay off their debt, the innocent victim is forced to pay off large debts that accrue high interest rates. The card holder may become trapped in debt that they can never escape from. So, before you place a charge on your credit card, consider the risks.
Credit Card Debt - A Student's Story

Credit Rating

Before you open a credit card or take out a loan your credit score will likely be analyzed. Credit scores range from 300 to 850 with 300 being the lowest score possible. One will likely be unable to receive a loan without a credit score in the mid 600's. This credit score is based off of a variety of personal information including payment history and price of debt.

The Upsides

While credit does hold some dangers there are also many positives to credit. When credit is managed wisely it allows for less cash to be carried around and allows one to purchase a house and other expensive item. In conclusion, credit is dangerous to one who is not cautious but to the wise spender, a credit card is a ticket to the world.
The Credit Card Song by Old Man Pie