Acid Rain in Germany

Reasons Why it Happens

When air pollution from the United Kingdom gets mixed with the rain it causes acid rain. So when it rains, it rains like regular rain. So people don't know if it is acid rain or real rain.

Effects of Acid Rain

  • It kills plants and animals
  • Kills food crops
  • Destroys lakes and rivers and kills things living in them
  • Reduces oxygen
  • Erodes statues and buildings

Pictures of the Effects

How to Stop Acid Rain

Ways to stop acid rain

  • Ride bikes more often
  • Start a carpool
  • Plant more trees
  • Move factories from the cities
  • Recycle
  • Don't start fires

Facts about acid rain

  • Acid rain really can hurt your body sometimes
  • Acid rain is a big deal in some areas
  • Acid rain is like rain, but more dangerous