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A Study of "Next Step in Guided Reading" by Jan Richardson

Facilitating a Study Group

Study groups work best when teachers are intricately involved in their

planning and when teachers hold themselves accountable for trying out new learning and understanding in the classroom. We call this Taking Action.

Taking Action Options

Know Yourself

Inspires teachers to think about their beliefs about teaching and learning and allows them time to think about why they do what they do.

Know Your Students

Gets teachers in the groove of one-on-one work with a student, from which teaching strengthens.

Try it out

Invites teachers to take the reins of what they are learning in PD by trying a lesson, using a new resource, or implementing a new routine within the classroom.

Know the Needs

Gets teachers to use resources such as surveys, parent-teacher conferences, and literacy meetings to note the patterns and needs they observe. Additionally, this action gets teachers in the habit of regularly looking across students’ information and work samples to see the class as a whole so they can adjust their instruction based on patterns they observe.

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Introduction to "Next Step in Guided Reading in Action": Grades K - 2

Introduction to Next Step Guided Reading in Action: Grades K-2

Introduction to "Next Step in Guided Reading": Grades 3 & Up

Introduction to Next Step in Guided Reading: Grades 3 & Up